Logica introduces ARM Express, its new Asset & Resource Management (ARM) solution. ARM Express is designed to target operational efficiencies within the asset and work management area for small and medium-sized electric, gas and water utilities. The solution leverages preconfigured best practice business processes to accelerate implementation timelines and reduce cost.

Logica has gained significant knowledge of best practice business processes over the past 20 years. Typically, EAM projects require a significant design effort to build business processes from the ground up, followed by an extensive product configuration effort. By using Logica's preconfigured ARM Express solution, clients can immediately focus effort on the areas that are unique to their business environment. This ensures that any modifications to the best practices are associated with demonstrable business benefits.

ARM Express can be deployed in a modular phased approach and provides all the business benefits associated with Logica's enterprise ARM product suite, including improved asset management, work management, resource scheduling and enterprise mobile management.

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