One of the largest energy distributors in Australia, TXU Networks, implemented a major new outage and service order management system using GE Network Solutions' software products and services.

To comply with the newly deregulated electricity market requirements in the state of Victoria, TXU Networks replaced its existing outage management and trouble call system with a Smallworld PowerOn® outage and service order management system.

Peter Magarry, general manager of TXU Networks, said, “This was a major systems integration effort for TXU Networks that included installing the PowerOn software as well as new meter reading and billing systems from design to cut-over in just 22 weeks. This remarkable result could not have been achieved without the dedication and expertise brought to the project by GE Network Solutions working with internal and contract staff.”

The time frame for the project rollout was tight, with only five months between the start of the project and the “go live” date. Furthermore, the GE Network Solutions software had to be integrated with the new TXU deregulated billing system and meter-reading applications within the same time frame.

Initial steps included migrating all legacy customer information into PowerOn's Oracle® database. This is now the primary customer information system that retailers can interface to for all customer connection point, premise and meter information.

GE Network Solutions also developed a Web-based application to manage service orders for new connection installations and for alterations to existing connection points, premises and meters. Outsourced service providers now can view their task workload for dispatching work to the field crews via the Internet. The Web-based solution also can display all the trouble calls — planned and unplanned — that exist within the PowerOn application, and enables TXU Networks to distribute the PowerOn data and functionality across the entire TXU Networks business.
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