A unique method of testing power pole strength has won a major contract with China Light & Power in Hong Kong.

This technique not only uncovers all hidden unsafe and dangerous poles, which are missed by other currently available methods, but also saves money by eliminating unnecessary pole replacements.

Two men trained to use the Mechanical Pole Testing (MPT) technology can test a pole in less than 15 minutes. Pressure is applied against a pole, and strength is measured by a preprogrammed hand-held computer.

The advantage of the MPT is that it applies real pressure on the pole, simulating the pressures of real wind conditions and eliminating all guesswork.

A pole that passes the MPT can be guaranteed for at least five years. Of the 200,000 poles tested and passed over the past 10 years, no pole failures have been reported. Results indicate that more than 50% of condemned poles should not have been condemned.
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