The REC-SB is a battery-operated shear bolt wrench especially designed to torque down and shear the shear bolts for electrical connection use. The tool features a unique shape to reduce its length for easy access to tight spaces. It has 48 ft/lb of torque and features variable speeds up to 2,200 rpm.

The shear bolt wrench is designed to work with shear bolt underground connectors. It can handle the connection of two to eight services in hand holes and offers a variable speed to 2,200 rpm with a 0.5-inch square drive. Its short body length is suitable for tight-space applications. The battery and tool have a five-year warranty, and the wrench can handle 48 ft/lb of torque. The tool can go in forward or reverse and weighs 5 lb with the battery. It measures 13.75 inches by 7 inches by 3 inches.

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