ISA introduces the CB MONITOR system, a cost-effective on-line diagnostic system specifically designed to monitor up to 10 medium-voltage and high-voltage circuit breakers simultaneously. The purpose of the circuit breaker monitoring system is to highlight issues before they can cause inefficiency in the system, thus allowing for optimal management of condition-based maintenance.

CB MONITOR continuously measures the following parameters:

  • Auxiliary contacts opening and closing time

  • Auxiliary contacts bouncing times

  • SF6 density trend (optional)

  • Temperature (optional)

  • Accumulated fault current during arcing time

  • Open and close current profiles

  • Mechanism operating time (optional)

  • Battery voltage.

The monitoring system software processes and manages the acquired data, and automatically sends alarm messages to the central SCADA if thresholds are exceeded. The software processes and analyzes the data, and automatically detects and reports the origin of the problem (electrical, mechanical, aging or due to gas leakage), without the need of the operator's analysis.

The CB MONITOR system is non-invasive, simple to install and configure, and does not hinder equipment function.