The city of Medford, Massachusetts, U.S., has worked diligently to upgrade municipal facilities to achieve higher standards for energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases. An important part of this comprehensive energy management strategy is addressing energy usage at its high school. As part of the plan, Medford city officials worked with Advanced AMR Technology (Peabody, Massachusetts) to install a series of wireless energy monitoring solutions throughout the school campus.

Advanced AMR installed the wireless meter monitors, which record real-time usage data at 15-minute intervals. The data was transmitted via the Internet to Advanced AMR's energy management system where it was collected, collated and analyzed. Using the data collected, Medford will begin to implement Phase Two of the program, which is to work the appropriate utilities, community groups and school administrators to formulate strategies regarding operational changes at the school itself or policy changes regarding the various uses the building serves. The real-time energy-usage data provided will aid the city as it begins the process of developing a much more energy-efficient profile. Advanced AMR will continue to monitor the energy usage to provide immediate evaluation and feedback on the effectiveness of the operational and policy changes as they are implemented.
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