City Public Service (CPS; San Antonio, Texas, U.S.) has contracted EPRIsolutions (Palo Alto, California, U.S.) to install the latest version of EPRI's Transmission Inspection and Maintenance System (TIMS) software on its transmission system.

TIMS is a user-friendly, graphics-based data management system for transmission line inspection, assessment and maintenance that allows utilities to locate and record transmission line condition data easily.

The project includes: the joint development of an interface between TIMS and CPS's SAP work-order management system; development and installation of an initial TIMS database that includes all of CPS's 138-kV and 345-kV transmission lines; installation of TIMS software on desktop and field machines for use during the demonstration project; training for CPS TIMS users; and technical support via telephone, e-mail and fax.
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