Georgia College & State University (Milledgeville, Georgia, U.S.) must maintain consistent power quality to the computer room that supports its information technology activities. Short-duration voltage sags and power outages were adversely affecting the productivity of students using the PCs in the room and were causing problems to the air-conditioning system as well.

The college wanted to increase the number of PCs in the room and knew that maintaining power quality to the computers and the requisite additional air-conditioning equipment was a must. However, there was no indoor floor space available for the power-protection equipment.

In June 2003, a 140-kW, 208-V S&C PureWave UPS system was procured and installed outdoors, along with a backup generator. The PureWave UPS System from S&C Electric Co. (Chicago, Illinois, U.S.) is the only UPS system designed to stand up to harsh outdoor environments. The PureWave UPS has already protected the computers and the air-conditioning system from numerous power problems.

Available for either indoor or outdoor installation, S&C PureWave UPS systems are rated up to 20 MVA and provide 30 seconds of protection at 100% load.
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