Recognizing the need for easily accessible and timely energy-usage information, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.) recently contracted with SmartSynch (Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.) to deploy 1200 SmartMeters to its commercial and industrial (C&I) customers.

ComEd is deploying a portion of the meters for a load curtailment program that currently offers ComEd's C&I customers energy monitoring to provide more control over their energy consumption and costs. The program involves approximately 140 participants who contract with ComEd to curtail a predetermined amount of kilowatts.

Energy monitoring equipment allows ComEd to remotely monitor and work with these customers to ensure they comply with their contractual curtailment commitment. As a result, when a curtailment is called, ComEd will know immediately how much power has been shed. Previously, ComEd would get this data hourly via a less-efficient, modem-based computer system. In order to upgrade its current system, ComEd chose the SmartMeter System from SmartSynch to ensure that both ComEd and its customers have real-time access to energy-usage information and thus can make changes to their power consumption if needed.

ComEd is using ABB Energy Interactive to assist with the data from the energy cooperative members. ABB's online analysis tool processes the information gathered by SmarySynch's Transaction Management System and delivers it via the Internet to ComEd and its customers.

ComEd will use some of the remaining meters to replace old kilowatt-hour/demand meters used for its Load Factor Management program. ComEd will use the rest of the meters for customers who have expressed security concerns. Through its real-time connectivity, the SmartMeter System will allow ComEd to read these customers' meters without compromising any security issues.
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