Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc. (SEL) releases its complete distribution automation solution: DNA (distribution network automation). The DNA system is designed to pinpoint faults, optimize volt/VAR control, detect downed conductors, and automatically sectionalize and reconfigure distribution circuits to restore service as quickly as possible after a fault.

The DNA system is a scalable, flexible solution applied with either centralized or distributed control. It implements fault location, isolation and service restoration (FLISR) to reduce the number of customers impacted by a fault. DNA also improves voltage management and power factor by controlling various line devices.

SEL's new technologies and innovations, such as load characterization, synchrophasors and high-impedance fault detection, take distribution automation to another level. They allow utilities to make more intelligent decisions that increase efficient system operation. DNA uses new distribution fault location software and faulted circuit indicators to accurately pinpoint faults, which reduces outage times.

DNA is a secure, robust solution that allows utilities to maximize the potential of relays and controls on their systems, which significantly improves reliability and power quality. SEL also offers complete turnkey engineering services to assist utilities with DNA implementation.

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