DTE Energy Technologies (Farmington Hills, Michigan, U.S.), a non-regulated subsidiary of DTE Energy Co., will use its proprietary energy×now System Operations Center (SOC) to participate in a project recently funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The project, “Advanced Aggregation and Control of DG,” will continue through 2003 and includes several companies in addition to DTE Energy Technologies. Most notably, Detroit Edison is working with DTE Energy Technologies to use the SOC to optimize the configuration and dispatch of distributed generation (DG) equipment on Detroit Edison's distribution grid. The project will extend the interaction between electric utilities and DG equipment to demonstrate the most significant benefits of on-site energy for a utility to date.

To accomplish the aggressive goals of the project, DTE Energy Technologies is integrating a Web-based Inter Control Center Protocol (ICCP) link between SOC and several of Detroit Edison's Regional Operations Centers. This new link uses the industry standard ICCP. The team, led by Detroit Edison and DTE Energy Technologies, also is developing and implementing enhanced control schemes for the challenges with this architecture, and integrating new types of electrical equipment to the SOC portfolio of supported engineered systems.
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