With essential details of more than 100 of the latest and most innovative instruments for test applications in the electrical power sector, the new short-form catalogue from Megger is an indispensable guide for everyone whose work involves choosing and using electrical test equipment.

The catalogue, “Portable Test Instruments for Maintenance of Electrical Power Systems,” is conveniently arranged for fast and easy reference, and includes photographs and basic information for all of the products featured. These range from high-voltage insulation testers to advanced transformer diagnostic analyzers that use the latest frequency domain spectrometry techniques.

For selected products, including the new Delta4000 12-kV insulation diagnostic test system and the groundbreaking SMRT36 three-phase relay protection test sets, more detailed information is included about the instruments and their applications.

Product information is supplemented by invaluable guidance on key topics that include the importance of CAT IV safety ratings, the safety benefits of dual ground testing, vibration testing as an aid to circuit breaker condition analysis, and ways in which the compilation and reporting processes for test results can be simplified.

The catalogue is divided into 16 sections, each devoted to a particular test function and each providing details of the latest Megger instruments that fulfil that function. Sections include insulation testing, low-resistance testing, circuit breaker analyzers, protection relay testing and test equipment for IEC 61850 systems, to name a few.

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