Continental Control Systems announced that with its new WattNode BACnet meter (MS/TP), the company now offers cost-effective energy and power metering for all of the major building automation communications protocols. The new BACnet WattNode meter complements the company's Modbus and LonWorks meters, enabling almost any building automation system seamless accessibility to electrical system measurements, including power, energy, voltage, current and power factor.

Designed to be the most compact and cost-effective networked energy meters on the market, all WattNode meters provide line-powered single- and three-phase, wye or delta configurations up to 600 Vac and 6,000 A.

Supporting full self-discovery of the meter and all of its objects, the WattNode BACnet meter offers more than 50 electric power-related measurements, 64 addresses and selectable baud rates up to 76.8 K, including an auto-baud setting.

Continental Control Systems