Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories introduces the SEL-2730M managed 24-port Ethernet switch. Built specifically for harsh industrial and electrical substation environments, the SEL-2730M reliably supports protection, control and automation applications, such as IEC 61850 GOOSE and line-current differential messaging.

The SEL-2730M withstands vibration, electrical surges, fast transients, electrostatic discharge and extreme temperatures. It meets or exceeds IEEE 1613 (Class 2) and IEC 61850-3 communications standards for networking devices and drops no packets during rigorous testing. The fit-for-purpose design minimizes printed circuit boards and interface points, resulting in greater reliability. With no fans or other moving parts, the SEL-2730M employs the most robust technology available for demanding applications.

The base-model SEL-2730M has 20 copper Ethernet ports — 16 ports are 10/100 Mbps and four are Gigabit Ethernet. You can selectively upgrade the 10/100 Mbps drop ports to fiber-optic interfaces and add up to four additional fiber-optic Gigabit Ethernet ports for a total of 24 ports that provide the flexibility to meet any substation network requirements.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories