Excelergy Corp. (Lexington, Massachusetts, U.S.) is partnering with Siebel Systems (San Mateo, California, U.S.) to deliver CustomerPoint, a comprehensive front-to-back office software platform for the energy/utility industry. The joint solution is a complete end-to-end customer relationship management and billing system combining the proven performance and flexibility of both Excelergy Revenue Manager and Siebel eEnergy.

CustomerPoint provides a single interface and set of integrated business processes for managing customer service and billing inquiries across all channels, market segments and service types. Utilities deploying this software can increase their call center efficiency and flexibility, and introduce new services at a fraction of the cost of traditional billing applications.

CustomerPoint leverages the Universal Application Network, a standards-based, vendor-independent application developed by Siebel Systems in conjunction with application software vendors, integration server vendors and systems integrators as a common integration platform. CustomerPoint combines best practices drawn from Siebel Systems' experience in CRM with Excelergy's experience in billing and revenue management. Based on XML and Web Services industry standards, Universal Application Network reduces complexity of application integration and enables organizations to develop and deploy cross-application business processes.

Industry best practices are enabled through a complete solution in the areas of marketing, sales, customer, partner and field management using Siebel eEnergy, and in settlement, billing, complex billing, customer value analysis and collaborative communications with Excelergy Revenue Manager. The integrated platform delivers a straight-through processing environment for utilities and retail energy marketers serving commercial and industrial and residential customers.
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