Grant County Public Utility District (PUD, Ephrata, Washington, U.S.), which supplies electric power to more than 40,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in the Central Washington area, recently implemented SPL WorldGroup BV's (SPL, Morristown, New Jersey, U.S.) customer-management software product.

Grant County PUD's decision to go with the SPL solution was based in part on its superior rating engine flexibility and capabilities. More than 4000 Grant County PUD customers are irrigation users. Irrigation power services use multiple rate levels that may be combined and calculated dependent upon usage and usage period. The PUD also required the ability to modify rates and recalculate prorated charges based on the date of a pump change out. These requirements introduce an unusual element of rating and billing complexity for the public utility service provider that had to be addressed by the system. Additionally, customer invoices are now easier to read and, in moving from whole dollar to penny billing, are more accurate.
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