Henan Power Electric (Shanghai, PR China) has purchased G/Electric, the next-generation AM/FM/GIS solution from Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions (Huntsville, Alabama, U.S.) to manage data related to the maintenance and operation of its electric facilities network.

Henan Province is strategically situated at the heart of the national electricity network of China where it plays an important role in China's economy. Served by Henan Power Electric, Henan Province is one of the four major provinces in Central China with an electric network covering 167,000 sq km (64,479 sq miles). With the implementation of G/Electric, Henan Power Electric will:

  • Establish a corporate repository of electric generation, distribution, asset and related information that enables enterprisewide access.

  • Automate management and report generation of operations and inspection of each level of the power distribution network and electric transmission stations.

  • Perform comprehensive and integrated fault and maintenance management with spatial visualization capability of all assets.

  • Establish a central provincial management system to allow easy and effective information collection and sharing for local electric utilities.

Henan Power Electric was looking for the means and tools to optimize the information management of its facilities network, consisting of 13 power plants and 18 electric companies, according to Jing Guang Xin, vice director of the Henan Electric Production Administration Department of Henan Power Electric. The scalability and flexibility of G/Electric will allow Henan Power Electric to better support the reliability of its distribution network and ensure high-quality service to its customers.

The project is expected to be completed in six months.
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