Continental Control Systems announces its new Accu-CT high-accuracy split-core current transformer. Engineered for use with any of the company's WattNode energy meters, the Accu-CT offers an unprecedented 0.2% linearity over a wide range of the rated current (1% to 100% of rated current).

The Accu-CT has a distinctive design and color that make it easy to identify a high-accuracy, revenue-grade installation. A unique latching mechanism ensures safe single-handed installation.

Designed specifically for revenue-grade requirements, the Accu-CT complies with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and will provide for ANSI C12.1 accuracy requirements for the California Solar Initiative, and for ANSI C12.20 (0.5% accuracy) for tenant submetering and billing when used with a WattNode energy meter. Its low-voltage rating/operation (0.333 Vac output at rated current) allows for installation without a shorting block.

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