Featuring rugged yet lightweight construction and designed to work reliably in high-interference areas like substation switchyards, Megger's DELTA4000 series 12-kV insulation diagnostic system offers time-saving, fully automatic power factor/tan delta and tip-up testing. Also provided are facilities for manual measurements where the operator has full control to set the test parameters for special testing requirements.

Accurate and dependable intelligent temperature correction, based on the actual condition of the test object, can be applied to results using a patented technique that works with data acquired from a separate dielectric frequency-response test.

Megger's DELTA4000 series test sets offer comprehensive facilities for assessing the condition of electrical insulation in all types of high-voltage equipment, including transformers, bushings, circuit breakers, cables, lightning arrestors and rotating machinery. They also can be used for measuring the excitation current of transformer windings.

To ensure accurate results are obtained even when the instrument is powered from a supply with poor voltage and frequency stability, the test sets generate their own test voltage, which is independent of supply quality. A further benefit of this approach is that it allows the test voltage to be varied in frequency from 1 Hz to 500 Hz.

DELTA4000 series measure quantities include voltage, current, power loss, tan delta, power factor and capacitance. Test results are stored in the unit and can be sent directly to a printer via USB.
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