A variety of service providers are providing several different cable diagnostic techniques. Each service claims to provide a reliable method for establishing the condition of a cable circuit. No one service definitively has proven an ability to reliably and consistently assess the condition of the wide variety of different cable systems currently in service. Additionally, there is significant confusion and some mistrust regarding the effectiveness of these services.

To address these concerns, Georgia Tech NEETRAC (Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.) is launching the Cable Diagnostic Initiative (CDI) to bring together utilities and cable diagnostic providers to assess existing diagnostic tools and investigate enhanced technologies. This three-year effort will focus primarily on cross-linked polyethylene underground cable systems.

The CDI will address topics including:

  • Better understand of existing cable-diagnostic technology
  • The development a database of testing results
  • Development and refinement of new cable diagnostic technologies
  • The effects of partial discharge on cable accessories.
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