Jones-Onslow Electric Membership Corp. (JOEMC, Jacksonville, North Carolina, U.S.) recently implemented an efficient pole management program with the help of Davey Resource Group (DRG), a division of the Davey Tree Expert Co.

Instead of hiring more people to complete more work, DRG used technically advanced equipment and knowledge. First, DRG suggested better equipment and staff training. It relied on Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) technology instead of the usual pen-based computer, a decision that saved JOEMC a large expense.

The next step was integrating DRG's custom-built software program to a JOEMC custom-built Web site. This enabled qualified users access to weekly updates of current projects and data.

Finally, DRG trained all JOEMC personnel to master the new system, a task that saved time and money when it was completed in two days.
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