Kansas City Power & Light Co. (KCP&L, Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.) is expanding the Internet-based substation monitoring system, Esubstation.com.

Cannon Technologies Inc. (Golden Valley, Minnesota, U.S.) received an order from KCP&L to add the Esubstation system to four more substations in the Kansas City metro area, with additional expansion planned for subsequent years.

KCP&L implemented a pilot system of Esubstation in 2001 at its Pflumm Substation, with expansion based on successful implementation of the pilot.

Internet-based communication enables Esubstation.com to provide enterprise access to information available at the substation, without compromising the security of the EMS/SCADA system.

Esubstation.com uses Cannon Technologies' Substation Advisor applications for predictive maintenance to enable better planning and avoid costly downtime. While not its primary purpose, the Esubstation architecture also provides a “back door” to system operating information in the event of an EMS outage, since the communication link is redundant.

Esubstation includes remote sensors. Integrating with substation IEDs, the sensors monitor power transformers, circuit breakers, and transmission and distribution feeders.

Parameters such as transformer temperature, cooling status, load tap changer operations, feeder load, reactive power flow, breaker trip time, and insulating gas density are monitored for magnitude and duration by an Internet-connected remote server, with alarm information e-mailed to appropriate utility personnel.

Access to a private Esubstation Web site provides real-time information for verification of alarm conditions, as well as historical trends, fault information, and access to limit settings.

The 2002 project will also include substation live video access for remote site inspection.
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