Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) has selected Intergraph Utilities' (Huntsville, Alabama, U.S.) InService solution to improve the productivity, accuracy and operations of its electric, gas and water and wastewater utility divisions. KUB serves 180,000 customers in Knoxville, Tennessee, U.S, and the seven surrounding counties, with 387,000 individual billable meters. The multi-million dollar contract includes software, services, support and maintenance over five years, including 25 dispatch seats, 155 mobile seats, Internet viewing seats, and productized interfaces to Intergraph's FRAMME-based AM/FM/GIS, PeopleSoft's CIS for Public Enterprises (developed and built by SPL WorldGroup Inc.), Telegyr's SCADA system and Mincom's Ellipse Enterprise Management software.

KUB selected Intergraph InService to replace its legacy mainframe outage management system and existing workforce management system. InService provides a seamless environment for dispatch, mobile computing, scheduling, crew management and outage management, fulfilling KUB's vision of a consolidated dispatching environment from which to make informed decisions related to both trouble and service order work.

The goals of the system are to:

  • Improve communication of outage and critical system events to KUB personnel
  • Provide estimated restoration times to individual customers
  • Provide system reliability metrics and reporting for each utility system
  • Provide dynamic information from real-time applications, such as SCADA
  • Archive and document all system operation actions.
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