Rauckman Utility Products announces the 4-in-1 BugWrench, a new addition to its line of insulated lineman combination wrenches.

The patent-pending model BW-244 provides the four most common sockets (9/16, ½, ¾ and ⅝ ) for T&D apparatus and connectors on one BugWrench tool. The insulated models have a 1,000-V rating. The high dielectric polymer handles are tough and, along with the forged heavy-duty heads, are durable and break-resistant. The reversing action buttons are easy to use while wearing rubber gloves and leather protectors.

The 4-in-1 BugWrenches come in two models, the insulated BW-244 and all-metal BW-044 (without insulating handle). Both heavy-duty forged models have four push-button reversing ratchet sockets, 9/16 inch and 1/12 inch on one head and ¾ inch and ⅝ inch on the other. All of the four 12-point sockets use fine-tooth ratcheting action.

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