Encorp, LLC announces the launch of its Microgrid System Controller, which connects separate generator sets with such inverter-based renewable sources as photovoltaics, fuel cells, advanced energy-storage devices, and wind and micro turbines to create an onsite energy system. The system controller can interconnect the combined generation source to the utility grid or operate in island mode.

The new Encorp offering is based on the company's Gold Box and related software technology offerings. The Microgrid System Controller can be configured and modified for any combination of power generators in smaller applications, such as office buildings, laboratories and apartment buildings.

The Microgrid System Controller can be customized for a variety of applications, including peak shaving/sharing, demand response, cogeneration, full-load generator testing (using the grid) and prime-power generation.

The heart of the control system is the Encorp Generator Power Controller, or Gold Box. With over 1,000 MW under the control of these devices around the world, end users, specifiers and installers are assured that critical loads will be protected from unintended power loss due to control failure.
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