In April 2003, the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW; Salalah, Oman) completed the second major installation of its J-Power System's Gap-type uprating conductor. Seeking to double its transmission capacity while achieving less sag than existing transmission lines, MEW installed, for the second time since 1999, 125 conductor miles of cable for two circuits of 132 kV, over a 20-mile (32-km) route. MEW used GZTACSR 240 mm2 cable, which is equivalent to the 477 kcm ACSR Hawk.

One of the distinctive features of the GZTACSR is its double layer of trapezoidal wires. Designed with an increased conductor area (103% of the Hawk with the same overall diameter), these layers of super-thermal-resistant aluminum alloy (ZTAL) restrain the increase in transmission loss at high operating temperatures (up to 210°C [410°F]).

As a result of this successful installation, the aggregate quantity supply of Gap-type conductor since 1971 has exceeded more than 1100 conductor miles among many utilities in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.
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