Calico Energy's Energy Intelligence Suite (EIS) provides modular solutions for smart grid integration and enablement. Solutions include: energy data aggregation and analytics; command and control; demand side management; and intuitive technologies that engage residential, small business and commercial customers in long-term energy-use reduction.

EIS is a robust, customer-centric Web portal and home area network solution that implements multiple technologies in their best-fit capacity to achieve a sustainable blend of customer enablement, grid empowerment and demand-side-management effectiveness.

Centralized components are built to enterprise-grade to withstand heavy system traffic deployments, provide scalability and ensure expandability with little overhead. EIS is the first platform of its kind to offer both separately branded and focused residential and business customer enablement Web and in-home display tools.

EIS modules include:

  • EIS OpCenter is the command-and-control center of the platform, which allows energy providers to reduce demand through demand response, rate programs, baseline management, energy efficiency and interactive customer communication.

  • EIS Central is the data infrastructure, logic processing and analytics engine of the platform. EIS Central stores, serves and responds to requests from customer portals HomeSMART and BusinessSMART, and EIS OpCenter, the utility interface that controls the EIS system. EIS Central also includes secure Web services that enable integration with legacy back-end systems for customer, energy and price information necessary for EIS functionality.

  • EIS BusinessSMART is an energy management solution that enables energy efficiency, demand response, device control and energy analytics for business, commercial and industrial companies.

  • EIS HomeSMART is a home energy management interface that provides residential consumers with an intuitive and affordable solution for energy efficiency, demand response and home automation.

  • Green Certification is an energy management tool that facilitates the submission of building-wide energy-usage data to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR program.

  • RTO Automation is an energy management tool that facilitates the registration, settlement and validation of demand-response data for utilities, RTOs and curtailment service providers.

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