This project is a demonstration of the customer-specific applications that can be developed to maintain the continuity of supplies. Other recent examples of specialized live-line contracts that TransGrid has completed include raising conductors over a roadway for a mining company and replacing "hot joints." TransGrid now has more than 60 fully documented live-line work methods to suit the needs of customers whose circuits have voltages from 66 kV to 500 kV. By completing the first-known example of live-conductor replacement at transmission voltages anywhere in Australia, TransGrid has demonstrated its technical professionalism.

Garry Smith graduated from the NSW Institute of Technology in electrical engineering in 1975 with professional engineer qualification. He has held appointments with the Electricity Commission, Pacific Power and TransGrid, gaining experience in the construction and maintenance of high-voltage transmission lines and substations. From 1993 to 1994, he served as senior advisor to the Ministry of Energy in Vietnam, with responsibility for the construction of the North-South 500-kV transmission-line project. Smith is the business development manager for the Network Group within TransGrid, specializing in live-line work. He helped introduce and develop bare-hands live-line work at TransGrid.