LED Lamp Catalog

LEDtronics has released a 31-page Miniature Based LED Lamps catalog for direct incandescent replacement, light emitting diode (LED) lamps. Miniature Based LED Lamps are plug-compatible with most major manufacturers' illuminated switches and indicators. Packages include the T1 (3-mm or 0.12-inch) submidget flange, a bi-pin, the T1-1/2 (4.5-mm or 0.18-inch) midget wedge, the T1-3/4 (5-mm or 0.2-inch) flange, a Groove S6 screw and bi-pin bases.

LEDtronics Inc., 23105 Kashiwa Court, Torrance, California 90505 U.S.
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Duplex Vessel Information Sheet

Hilliard Corp.'s new product information sheet features Hilco Dry Seal Gas Integral Duplex Filters for compressors and turbines. These duplex vessels incorporate valves and filters into a single assembly, eliminating the need for piping in diverter valves and saving space on the seal gas skid. A single valve is actuated to divert flow, eliminating the risk of flow being shut off to the seals. Other features include connection sizes to 1.5-inch (3.8-cm) NPS, design pressures to 2500 psi and flows to 5000 SCFM (depending on pressure, molecular weight and efficiency). ASME Code models are available.

Hilliard Corp., 100 W. Fourth St., Elmira, New York 14902 U.S.
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Instrumentation Product Handbook

Action Instruments has announced the Instrumentation Product Handbook, Short Form Edition 2001. Along with the company's complete product line, the handbook includes a short tutorial of signal conditioning.

Rather than presenting sections of product families, this handbook takes a solutions approach and is divided into sections by input type. For example, if the engineer is looking for a temperature-input device, the section called Temperature Input Products presents every product Action offers that supports that particular input type. The handbook includes Action Instruments' complete line of signal conditioners for all popular input types, including temperature (thermocouple and RTD), dc, ac, bridge/strain-gauge, frequency/pulse, potentiometer and specialty process functions.

Action Instruments, 8601 Aero Dr., San Diego, California 92123 U.S.
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Telescoping Crane Literature

National Crane Corp. has released literature introducing its new Series 500D telescoping crane, which is a redesigned version of the 500C series. The new design affords greater lifting capacity, longer reach and improved overall performance.

The Series 500D is rated with a maximum capacity of 32,000 lb (14.5 tons) and features a vertical reach to 78 ft (23.7 m) on its main boom. With the optional jib, the reach increases to 118 ft (35.9 m). The crane mounts on a standard commercial tandem rear axle truck and can be equipped with a variety of accessories.

National Crane Corp., 11200 N. 148th St., Waverly, Nebraska 68462 U.S.
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Protective Relay Brochure

Cooper Power Systems' new brochure on its family of Edison Protective Relays details its Edison Idea, which has programmable front panel hot keys that provide instant access to metering, protection and control functions, and a unique, easy-to-read operator interface. The brochure also highlights different application classes.

Cooper Power Systems, P.O. Box 100, 11131 Adams Rd., Franksville, Wisconsin 53125-0100 U.S.
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Infrared Camera Brochure

FLIR Systems' full-color 8-page brochure describes the ThermaCAM PM series of IR thermography systems, hand-held thermal cameras designed for predictive maintenance and IR inspection applications. The thermal imaging systems help maintenance engineers find problems quickly and accurately, preventing downtime and saving money. The brochure also describes FLIR's Windows-based reporting software programs developed for easy, automatic report generation and trending analysis.

FLIR Systems, 16 Esquire Rd., North Billerica, Massachusetts 01862 U.S.
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Substation Life Extension Guidelines

The CD-ROM version of a new report helps substation owners and operators meet cost, performance and reliability goals. Guidelines for the Life Extension of Substations: 2000 Update provides the latest information on equipment maintenance practices, condition assessment techniques and decision-making methods for equipment replacement and refurbishment. Incorporating the experience of utility, consulting and equipment engineers, the revised guidelines cover new topics such as SF6 handling and detection, switch and circuit breaker lubrication, reliability-centered maintenance, bushing-failure modes leak mitigation, load tap-changer coking, corona camera technology, surge arrestor monitors and substation automation.

EPRI, 3412 Hillview Ave., Palo Alto, California 94304 U.S.
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Flexible Conduit Systems Brochure

Adaptaflex has launched a 48-page product brochure covering its non-metallic and metallic flexible conduit systems for the protection of electrical wiring.

The technical information sections detail performance characteristics, materials data, chemical resistance data, classification details, thread data and liquid-tight specifications, as well as international approvals, fire performance and EMI screening characteristics. Another section covers dedicated cutting tools, which includes guidance on correct conduit cutting and assembly.

Adaptaflex, Station Rd., Coleshill, Birmingham B46 1HT England
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