Oncor (Dallas, Texas, U.S.), the energy delivery unit of TXU, has completed four transmission lines that will help relieve present transmission congestion in North Texas and ensure the continued reliability of the transmission grid and the vitality of the bulk electric system in the state.

Oncor completed construction of more than 300 miles (483 km) of 345-kV transmission lines ahead of the December 2002 schedule. This construction milestone will increase the capability to transfer power across the Texas electric transmission grid. Two of the lines will help deliver power from the wind farms in West Texas to consumers in North Texas.

The 345-kV transmission system is the backbone that moves large amounts of power between different parts of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) power grid. The constraints, which were identified as critical projects by ERCOT in December 1998, have created bottlenecks in power flows during times of high electrical usage. ERCOT, which manages 85% of the Texas electric grid, considered the congested points to be critical to electric reliability and an open, competitive market.

“The success of open market competition and electric system reliability is highly dependent on a robust transmission system, and these projects go a long way toward assuring long-term success,” said Mike Greene, president, Oncor Electric Delivery Co. “The lines will help protect the state from the types of transmission congestion that contributed to California's power crisis.”

Greene added that the new transmission lines were needed to manage electric requirements for growing demand and to incorporate added generation capacity of new power plants coming on-line. With the completion of these four lines, Oncor and ERCOT continue to focus on future needs to assure a reliable electric system.
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