The Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC; Orlando, Florida, U.S.) installed Elster's EnergyAxis System with intelligent two-way communications and controlled mesh network. The EnergyAxis System utilizes a 900-MHz network comprised of Elster Electricity's (formerly ABB Electricity Metering) new single-phase electronic REX meters and A3 ALPHA meter collectors. OUC's initial deployment includes system meters installed in two locations, an apartment complex and an OUC facility in the Orlando area.

The EnergyAxis System provides OUC with state-of-the-art technologies, including advanced radio communications, peer-to-peer hopping and remote disconnect/reconnect features over a controlled mesh network.

With Orlando's high growth rate, OUC realized it needed to improve technology in order to maximize productivity. OUC also needed to minimize trips to the field while continuing to offer a high level of customer service.

The EnergyAxis System incorporates smart electronic meters with fully automated, intelligent two-way communications, making on-request meter reads and server-initiated commands a reality. The EnergyAxis System uses a powerful two-way radio-frequency communications system with Elster's new electronic single-phase REX meter to read meter billing and instrumentation data; change energy, demand and time-of-use rates; implement critical tier pricing; start or stop load profile interval recording; and initiate service connects and disconnects.
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