Megger's new OTS80PB 8-kV and OTS60PB 60-kV portable oil test sets make accurately measuring the breakdown voltage of insulating oils a fast and straightforward task, whether the work is carried out in the field or in the laboratory.

Suitable for use with mineral, silicon, high molecular weight hydrocarbon and ester — both synthetic and natural — insulating liquids, the new test sets offer a choice of fully automatic operation with preloaded international test standards or user-configured test sequences to suit special requirements. The user interface is highly intuitive, and results are shown on a bright color display.

The OTS80PB and OTS60PB test sets incorporate a precision adjusting system for electrode spacing, which has a locking facility to ensure that the spacing cannot be accidentally altered during testing. An ultra fast trip detection circuit with direct measurement of both voltage and current is provided, and the instruments also include facilities for measuring the temperature of the test sample.

The OTS80PB and OTS60PB have been designed with a transparent lid of the test chamber, which enables the progress of the test and the color of the oil to be observed. These versatile testers also use a type of molded test vessel that is easy to clean and highly resistant to breakage and damage. As a further aid to cleaning, the test chamber is provided with a convenient oil drain.

Designed with safety in mind, the oil test sets incorporate dual-redundant high-voltage cut-off circuitry that instantly switches off the high-voltage supply if the test cell lid is opened. Users can terminate a test at any time by pressing any of the buttons on the instrument's keypad.

The test sets have three USB interfaces to allow the connection of PCs, USB flash drives, external printers and bar-code scanners.

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