The Power Commission of the City of Saint John (Saint John Energy, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada), has selected (Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based) ESRI's ArcGIS software as its enterprise geographic information system (GIS). This contract will fulfill Saint John Energy's goal of establishing a corporate GIS software platform. ESRI Canada also will support Saint John Energy with the installation and implementation of the ArcGIS suite of tools.

The GIS is a part of Saint John Energy's overall Integrated Enterprise Application, which also includes management information and customer information systems.

The Saint John Energy Commission chose ESRI's ArcGIS platform consisting of ArcInfo, ArcSDE and ArcView. They also selected Miner & Miner's Enterprise ArcFM, Designer and DistOps. ArcSDE and the geodata-base provide a centralized mechanism for managing geographic information in a relational database management system. ArcSDE enables multi-user access and editing of the enterprise GIS database. It also provides tools for managing versions of the data for “what-if” scenario modeling, and for tracking historical changes to the database over time.

Saint John Energy is faced with issues such as restructuring and the imminent introduction of natural gas to the New Brunswick marketplace.Increased competition means more focus on customer retention, finding new sources of revenue and maintaining competitive rates for the customer.

Saint John Energy is a municipal electric utility that has been serving the city since 1922. The focus of the utility has been the efficient delivery of electricity to local consumers. As a non-generating utility, its primary responsibility is the distribution of electricity and customer service for approximately 35,000 customers.
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