PPL Corp. has selected the Ventyx Asset Suite enterprise asset management (EAM) solution as its companywide standard for tracking equipment and infrastructure across all of its operating subsidiaries — including PPL Generation's fossil, hydro and nuclear generation, as well as PPL Electric Utilities' T&D assets.

Valued at US$10.2 million, this new license and services contract further expands a long-standing relationship between PPL and Ventyx. The energy company has used a previous version of Ventyx EAM software to manage its enterprisewide supply chain as well as all work and assets in its fossil generation plants since the mid-1990s. In order to standardize companywide processes and leverage economies of scale, PPL elected to upgrade the Ventyx solution and replace its current solutions used for nuclear and T&D work and asset management with a single integrated solution across all of its operations.

Approximately 70% of North American nuclear generation relies on Ventyx management solutions, as do 19 of the top 20 North American nuclear operators measured by highest capacity factor. The ability to support an expanding T&D infrastructure was of critical importance as well.

To learn more, visit www.pplweb.com or www.ventyx.com.