The cable leak location equipment is now used in Asia as follows:

* China Light and Power (CLP), Hong Kong Ltd., is responsible for more than 50 circuits operating at 66 kV and 132 kV throughout Kowloon and the New Territories. Most of the network is underground, and the density of development in the area makes it particularly vulnerable to third-party damage. CLP purchased a set of equipment from EA Technology in 1998, and as part of the commissioning program in September that same year, tests were carried out on four leaking cables, two of which were live and on load. Subsequently, CLP spent considerable time gaining experience in equipment use and performed tests for several leaking circuits. CLP remains confident that, as its employees gain experience, the equipment will considerably reduce maintenance costs on their fluid-filled cable network in the future.

* The Hongkong Electric Co. Ltd. (HEC) is responsible for the 66-kV, 132-kV and 275-kV circuits serving Hong Kong Island and Lamma Island. It recently completed an extensive program of refurbishment on its fluid-filled cable network. All joints have been excavated and reinforced. Consequently, the company does not expect to suffer from leaks at joint positions. However, it still experiences problems with sheath leaks, which are mainly caused by third-party disturbances. The density of buildings and traffic is exceedingly high in Hong Kong, and many roads are already congested. Excavations are disruptive and their costs are extremely high. Therefore, HEC has purchased leak location equipment from EA Technology. HEC believes hydraulic methods will help cut the amount of freezing required for leak location and that reducing the number of excavations will justify the capital cost of the equipment. The company took delivery of the equipment in November 1999 and is now installing it in its own vehicles.