Battery Analyzer

World Energy Labs announces improvements to the test algorithms used within its series of Interrogator ElectroChemical battery analyzers. These algorithm improvements allow for test-time reductions and improved performance in the presence of high temperature and electrical noise. The Interrogator is used to measure the complete state of health of stationary batteries, which are used by energy utilities to provide backup power for switchgear and telecommunications equipment.

The instrument's capabilities especially benefit utilities that rely heavily on load testing and specific gravity measurements to ensure that backup power will perform during outages. Because the Interrogator gives information about the chemical health of the battery string, these time-consuming, risky procedures can be performed less frequently, if not be completely eliminated from the maintenance schedule.

The instrument's proprietary technology Chemical Electrical Layer Scan (CEL-Scan) fulfills IEEE requirements for ohmic testing of stationary batteries. With lead-acid batteries, the Interrogator measures capacity loss due to sulfation and dryout, or loss of electrolyte from sealed batteries.
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LiMnO2 Hybrid Cells

Maxell Corporation of America's advanced hybrid cells, models CR17450 and CR17335, were designed to industry-standard sizes and have an 8% to 9% higher capacity compared to similar cells.

The cell's wide operational temperature range of -40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 176°F), with an improved heat-proof temperature of 90°C to 100°C (194°F to 212°F) and internal minute short-circuit prevention — enabled by proprietary technology that prevents internal short circuits — makes these cells intrinsically safe.

The CR17450 has a typical capacity of 2600 mAh, while the CR17335 has a typical capacity of 1750 mAh. These next-generation cells have a voltage of 3 V and feature a stable sloping-discharge curve at various depths of discharge, allowing for accurate prediction of end of life.
Maxell Corporation of America

Metering Transponder

Elster Electricity and Distribution Control Systems Inc. (DCSI) announce the release of the Universal Metering Transponder (UMT-C-A3) for Elster's A3 ALPHA meter. The UMT-C transponder expands the capabilities of the TWACS power-line communications network to retrieve critical meter data from the A3 ALPHA meter at commercial and industrial metering locations.

The UMT-C-A3 provides enhanced outage tracking and analysis, demand reset and more mapped registers (up to 32). The UMT-C communicates with the A3 ALPHA meter using ANSI C12.19-1997 standard tables to provide remote retrieval of meter data for energy consumption, maximum demand, power factor, reactive energy, apparent energy, reverse energy notification and per-phase voltage readings. Status and alarms originating in the meter are also retrieved and reported.

The UMT-C provides a seven-day history of daily-consumption readings and supports up to four channels of interval data with a data capacity of up to 35 days, depending on the DCSI host system used. These channels can be used to record interval data of forward, reverse, net or secure energy in 15-, 30- or 60-minute periods. The transponder is capable of supporting Fast Poll inquiries that allow easy outage assessment using DCSI's PROASYST software application. UMT-C transponders fully support detailed outage information in the form of blink and sustained outage information.

The A3 ALPHA, equipped with the UMT-C transponder, may be installed on any meter with voltages between 120 V and 480 V. This wide-voltage application reduces the number of meter-transponder combinations that would be required to meet the variety of electrical services provided by the utility.
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Line Distance Protection

GE Multilin's new D90Plus is designed as a single-platform solution for the protection of medium-voltage and extra-high-voltage transmission lines.

The D90 Plus is a subcycle distance relay with true convergence of multi-ple functions, including advanced automation and control, high-accuracy digital fault recording, comprehensive communications and extensive local human-machine-interface capabilities. True convergence of functions eliminates the need to have multiple stand-alone devices resulting in significant savings in the installation, commissioning, maintenance and life-time costs.
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Horizontal Boring Tool

The Grundomat piercing tool from TT Technologies is ideal for water and sewer service and lateral installations. Sixteen models, from 1.75 inches to 7 inches (44 mm to 178 mm) in diameter, are available for horizontal boring distances from 50 ft to 150 ft (15 m to 46 m). The Grundomat offers high-impact power and is easily reversed during the bore. The tool's reciprocating stepped-cone chisel head helps ensure accuracy in rocky soils.
TT Technologies |

Handheld Computer

Trimble's Nomad series of handheld computers comes standard with an 806-MHz processor, 128 MB of memory and integrated Bluetooth technology. In addition, a range of optional configurations are available including an integrated global positioning system receiver, a bar-code scanner, a digital camera and 802.11g (WiFi).

The computer allows users to collect, save and transmit data from the field. Integrated GPS gives users location data for navigation. Users can also collect bar-code information with the integrated laser scanner, and capture color images for inspections and maintenance with the 2-megapixel digital camera.
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EPRI Red Book

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has documented and distilled the knowledge of the world's top overhead transmission experts in the EPRI AC Transmission Line Reference Book: 200 kV and Above, Third Edition. In June, it was made available to all at a reduced price to help propel this new reference into worldwide use.

For 30 years, transmission engineers have turned to the EPRI Red Book to confirm design parameters, select technology, optimize designs, defend decisions or understand non-routine topics.

In collaboration with member utilities, EPRI assembled a global team of experts who updated 11 chapters in the book and added four new ones to cover the full spectrum of overhead transmission topics, from fundamental concepts through insulation coordination, corona and field effects, and applications — including an extensive treatment of applications over 700 kV.

More than 50 small software programs, called applets, are provided on a CD-ROM that's included with the hardcover text. These applets allow the user to see precise results as well as trends.

Slip-Resistant Ground Mat

Chance has introduced a second form of its Equi-Mat Personal Protective Ground Grid with a napped surface for superior footing in rain, snow and ice conditions. The new Slip-Resistant version is black. This distinquishes it from the original standard (orange) Equi-Mat Grid, which is still available and in the same sizes as the Slip-Resistant: 58 inches by 58 inches (1.5 m by 1.5 m), 58 inches by 120 inches (1.5 m by 3 m) and 120 inches by 120 inches (3 m by 3 m). Both versions comply with OSHA 1910.269 for equipotential requirements near vehicles, underground gear, overhead switches and in substations.

All sizes also come in prepackaged kits with a grounding-cable set, ball stud and storage bag.
Hubbell Power Systems

Dielectric Response Analyzer

DIRANA from Omicron is a FDS-PDC dielectric response analyzer. Due to ever-increasing pressure to reduce costs, the power industry is forced to keep old power transformers in service as long as possible. The analyzer provides an analysis of water content in oil paper insulations of power and instrument transformers; a diagnosis of OIP, RBP and RIP high-voltage bushings; a diagnosis of generator and motor insulation; and a diagnosis of cable insulation.

DIRANA offers short measuring times, which keep the switch-off time and measurement costs to a minimum. The software facilitates automatic determination of the water content, even without expert knowledge. It also features an improved insulation model.
Omicron |

Utility Marking Systems

Premax's marking systems include a complete line of custom-embossed aluminum letters, numbers and tags, as well as vinyl decals and tags. Custom-embossed aluminum tags can be made in any size, shape or orientation in a wide variety of character sizes. Premax also offers a line of consecutively numbered tags available in both aluminum and brass.

Vinyl decals and tags are also available in custom configurations. Premax marking systems offer durability, legibility and economy.
Premax |

Steel Track Machine

Fecon Inc. has added the FTX350 to its Track Carrier line. The FTX350 is equipped with steel tracks, making it ideal for high production in tight or open places, on soft ground, on rough terrain or where transport weight is important. With various track width options and a machine weight of roughly 28,000 lb (12,700 kg), the ground pressure on the FTX350 can be as low as 3.4 psi. A Cummins engine and steel tracks make the FTX350 Track Carrier a powerful and durable mulching package, as the unit comes equipped with a BH99HD Bull Hog mulcher. The mulcher offers a 30-degree lateral tilt and an 7-ft (2-m) cutting width, allowing for more efficient mulching on uneven terrain. The standard LCD screen with computer-monitoring system and user-friendly controls make this an easy and comfortable machine to operate.
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Excavating Drill

Watson's Model EDT-5 ExcaDrill provides versatility and access advantages for high-production drilling on restricted-site applications. The EDT-5 mounts to the boom tip of any conventional 30 metric ton excavator to provide swing, reach and variable grade drilling capabilities. The 40,000-ft/lb (12-km/lb) dual-motor rotary enables both high/low and variable drill speed control from 30-rpm low to 60-rpm high drill speed and 120 rpm spin-off to quickly clear the auger. The engineering technology incorporated into the crowd circuit allows a full-length crowd stroke of the outer element along with an adjustable crowd pressure, as well as an on-demand, push-button, slow crowd function.

Front-to-back and side-to-side tilt features enable setup in varying ground slope conditions. Design options are available to meet specific needs with mast heights from 18 ft to 25 ft (5 m to 8 m) tall and drill depths from 20 ft to 2 ft (6 m to 25 m). Other options include round self-locking kelly bars, electronic depth and tilt displays, and a high-capacity kelly winch.
Watson Inc. |

Reel Lift

Truck Bodies & Equipment International Inc. (TBEI) introduced the Reel Lift body designed to safely and efficiently haul reels of electric wire or cable. The 14-ft (4-m)-long unit features two rectangular lift arms powered by twin hydraulic lift cylinders with 6000-lb (2722-kg) lifting capacity, as well as a high-tensile steel floor and convenient storage capacity.
TBEI Inc. |

Fault Detection

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories has released high-impedance fault detection in the SEL-451 protection, automation and control system. High-impedance fault detection using patent-pending arc sense technology (AST) uncovers more faults than conventional protection, while maintaining system security for reliable distribution protection.

The SEL-451 with AST safely detects and clears many faults that could remain undetected with conventional overcurrent elements. AST detection algorithms provide improved fault detection above traditional methods, enhanced security over existing technology, and automatic event data storage and retrieval to aid in event analysis. Evaluate high-impedance and downed conductor events with special Common Format for Transient Data Exchange (COMTRADE) event reports dedicated to recording these events.

Cable Remover

Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment has developed a new truck design for the removal of underground wire and cable. The Hub Drive Cable Puller was developed in cooperation with public utilities and offers a variety of patented design features to increase capacity, provide trouble-free performance and improve service life. The reel unit features a drive system that can deliver up to 400,000 inch-lbs (4609 kg-m) of torque and produce up to 20,000 lb (9072 kg) of pulling power. When extended, the entire reel unit can be moved laterally up to 30 inches (762 mm) in either direction, which makes spooling cable in difficult locations quick and easy. The winch system includes an adjustable winch-line sheave with built-in slack tension rollers and a low-volume hydraulic system. Overall, the truck is designed for heavy-duty operation with a low deck height that is clear of obstacles, convenient compartments with large storage capacity and complete safety features. The reel-drive system is all hydraulic with a direct-drive crankshaft powered by two hydraulic cylinders on each arm. The hydraulic lifting cylinders are directly connected to the arms without any linkage.

The winch is designed with an over-wound winch cable. Incorporated with the winch is a winch-line pulling sheave that can be hydraulically adjusted and features built-in slack tension rollers to take up cable slack for operator safety. The reel and winch systems are designed with a proportional-controlled modular hydraulic system that incorporates a variable-flow, pressure-compensated pump with a low-volume hydraulic system that requires 30 gal (136 l) of hydraulic fluid.
Dejana |

Diagnostic Testing Service

The newest addition to Doble Engineering's consulting services, Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Diagnostics offers a noninvasive, on-line surveillance technique that can detect and identify defects in a motor or generator and associated electrical systems, while each power system remains in service. This is a passive, totally noninvasive measurement technique with no applied signal. Data is collected without affecting operations, and the process is inherently safe.

EMI Diagnostics can provide valuable maintenance recommendations on the first test. The testing equipment is sensitive, and measurement accuracy is traceable to NIST standards. EMI Diagnostics presents an opportunity for companies to improve their condition assessment and maintenance programs.
Doble Engineering |

Laminated-Wood Structures

E-LAM engineered laminated-wood utility structures from Laminated Wood Systems are manufactured from renewable, managed-growth southern yellow pine or coastal Douglas-fir timber. Because laminated wood structures are not subject to the shortages and surcharges common with steel, costs have remained stable with delivery lead times consistently averaging eight weeks after drawing approval.

E-LAM structures are available in tangent and unguyed angle designs through 165 ft (50 m). Single-pole, H-frame, switch and substation structures are available to meet most any application and loading requirement.
Laminated Wood Systems

Fiber-Optic Cables

Berk-Tek, a Nexans company, is offering a new fiber-optic-cable design specifically targeting the data center/storage area network (DC/SAN) market.

The new Micro Data Center Plenum (MDP) cable design incorporates Berk-Tek's dry loose-tube technology in a smaller outer diameter and adapted specifically for the indoor-only DC/SAN and building backbone environment.

The new construction provides a 50% smaller cross-sectional area than equivalent fiber-count indoor cables. In DC/SAN applications, the MDP cables can help prevent cabinet and pathway congestion, considerably enhancing airflow and facilitating more efficient cooling. When compared to traditional ribbon interconnect, premises distribution and indoor/outdoor loose-tube cables, this new breed of cables offers improved density, ease of installation, termination and sub-unit handling.

MDP cables are available with plenum ratings up to 72 fibers and allow for significant cost reduction over traditional indoor cable design options. These cables are also offered with aluminum or steel interlocking armor, and in multi- and single-mode fiber constructions.
Berk-Tek |

Fault Locator

The Model HS-DAD Directional Acoustic Detector from Hipotronics features a new concept in fault locating that uses the speed of sound to show direction to the fault (thump) from where the operator is standing.

This dual-channel system is designed for primary cable-fault location and can be used with any thumper. The sound of the thump emitting from the fault is detected at different times by two microphones placed apart on the cable route.

One microphone is used until the sound of the thump is heard. Two microphones are then placed apart over the route of the cable. The first microphone is used to pick up the sound of the thump and triggers the electronics into action, but shuts down the second microphone's input. The LED indicator displays the direction of the fault.

Vehicles for Vegetation Management

The Jarraff All-Terrain Tree Trimmer from Jarraff Industries can easily navigate through tough environments while offering low ground pressure and minimal maintenance. The Jarraff is available with five different tire options. The selection ranges from small, all-terrain tires to large, heavy-duty log-skidder-style tires. The new cab design has improved visibility with the same dynamic range of operation. This model combines comfort, convenience and raw cutting power.

Also from Jarraff Industries, the Geo-Boy Brush Cutter Tractor features a unique articulated undercarriage that allows for precise control and movement, as well as an extremely low ground-pressure rating. The unit provides unmatched cutting and clearing power for all site-preparation and land-clearing operations. An ergonomically designed cab puts all of the Geo-Boy's controls within easy reach of the operator. The aggressive design and power of the Fecon cutter head, used by the Geo-Boy, shreds and clears dense brush, undergrowth, whole trees and more.
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