Concerns about the security of wireless communications have led some organizations to adopt policies prohibiting wireless data links. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc.'s SEL-3022 Wireless Encrypting Transceivers address those concerns by supplementing standard wireless communication security protocols (i.e., WEP) with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) approved 128-bit AES encryption and HMAC SHA-1 message authentication algorithms. The SEL-3022 allows you to securely apply wireless communications links between a portable computer and remote devices.

SEL Encrypted Serial Port Software is included to encrypt serial-port data and send it to a remote SEL-3022, using the PC's standard wireless Ethernet interface. Apply the SEL-3022 to lock out cyberintruders, improve personnel safety, protect equipment and increase physical security.

These secure wireless links improve safety by enabling personnel to operate breakers, valves, reclosers, gates and other equipment while they remain outside of hazardous areas or in a vehicle. They can avoid hazards from blowing debris, extreme heat and cold, traffic, crowds, freezing rain, ice, snow, floods, animals, arc flash and electrical conductors.

Remote links protect equipment by allowing you to keep doors closed on outside equipment enclosures and control houses to prevent contamination by blowing dust and debris, precipitation, insects, and hot, humid or cold air. This also minimizes wear on door seals at cold temperatures.

Remote access improves site security by keeping doors and gates locked and eliminating opportunities for intruders to gain access by following or coercing service personnel. This also reduces the number of physical keys that need to be in circulation by granting only wireless access as appropriate.
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc. | www.selinc.com/PR4


Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) announces the release of the TruPulse 200, a high-performance, low-cost laser designed for the professional market. The TruPulse is similar in size and weight to a recreational rangefinder, but it's three times more accurate, measures heights and offers Bluetooth data communication.

The TruPulse can range as far as 3000 ft (1000 m) to a nonreflective target and has the ability to obtain 1-ft (30-cm) accuracy to higher quality targets. With every press of the fire button, the TruPulse automatically provides you with four different types of measurements: slope, horizontal and vertical distance as well as the degree of inclination. Knowing what each measurement represents and how it applies to a particular application can make all the difference when collecting reliable field data. In addition, the TruPulse has the ability to accurately measure the height of any target simply by performing an auto-sequenced three-shot routine.

Featuring large, high-quality optics with 7X magnification, the TruPulse provides a crystal-clear field of view for easier targeting and improved visibility in low-light conditions. All the measurements are displayed right inside the parallax-free sighting scope, so you never have to take your eye off the target or compensate for proper alignment. An RS232 serial port comes standard with the TruPulse 200 for data communication, whereas the 200B model offers wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Other features include advanced targeting modes, which differentiate closest or farthest targets, provide continuous measurement updates while scanning or filter out unwanted targets when shooting to a reflector.
Laser Technology Inc. | www.lasertech.com/innovate

Cutout COVER

InsulBoot announces a new addition to its Wildlife Outage Protectors product line. The Cutout Cover with fin (PDM 5849) fits the Hubble Chance & Brazilian Maurizio Type C 15-kV cutout. This product is made from UV-stabilized, electrical-grade flexible PVC. The Cutout Cover prevents outages caused by squirrels, snakes, birds and other animals. Installs in minutes and is reusable.

Command Center SOFTWARE

Hunt Technologies' Command Center, the Web-based operating software of power line carrier AMR/AMI systems, has been certified to the MultiSpeak 3.0 standard. Command Center 2.2.2 passed compliance testing on its ability to use MultiSpeak-defined Web Services to share data with Milsoft's WindMil engineering analysis software. The interface between Command Center and WindMil allows WindMil users to request demand and power-quality data for all AMR-supported meters on the system.

Because Hunt Technologies' power line carrier system is always in communication with each meter, it is able to provide a wealth of information in addition to daily meter reads, including time-of-use, power quality, outage detection, load control and load profiling. Interfaces with operations, engineering and billing software make this daily data even more valuable.

In the case of WindMil, the integration of accurate billing data from the Hunt system greatly increases the power and accuracy of the program for estimating load distribution. The ability to view AMR data within WindMil allows engineering personnel to examine demand levels on transformers individually and as a group, determine overloaded and oversized transformers, and identify phase discrepancies by comparing AMR reported phase to phase displayed on the engineering model.

One factor unique to Hunt's TS2 AMR system is the ability to capture coincident demand. Utilities using both Command Center and WindMil are able to analyze the kilowatt demand on every meter in the system at a single instant.
Hunt Technologies


Neptune Technology Group Inc. and Landis+Gyr Inc. expanded the meter data collection choices available to utilities who implement Neptune's ARB Utility Management Systems. Available for immediate order, the Neptune R900 FOCUS endpoint combines Neptune's R900 module with Landis+Gyr's solid-state, residential FOCUS meter platform.

Neptune's ARB Utility Management Systems suite of handheld and mobile reading systems is capable of reading R900-equipped water, electric and gas meters as well as Itron electric ERTs and R300s, providing a wide range of options for multiservice utilities.

As part of an integrated approach to automatic and remote meter reading, the Neptune R900 FOCUS endpoint offers several key system benefits. First, the R900 module accesses consumption data via a direct meter register read, assuring highly accurate customer information is transmitted to the utility. Secondly, the R900 module can read instantaneous line voltage from the meter, which is then transmitted via the standard message package, and provides a utility with a snapshot view of distribution system performance. And, finally, the R900 module includes tamper detection in the data stream, which can assist in the detection of theft of service.
Neptune Technology Group Inc. | www.neptunetg.com
Landis+Gyr | www.landisgyr.us

10-YEAR WARRANTY for Automation Products

To demonstrate S&C's commitment to customers — and confidence in the long-term performance of its electronic controls and software — S&C is pleased to offer a 10-year no-hassle warranty on nearly all of its automation products. S&C has implemented several design improvements over the past few years and has stepped up testing and QA activity, and is confident the longer warranty is justified. In fact, S&C will retroactively provide this extraordinary warranty on its automation products manufactured since Jan. 1, 2005.
S&C Electric Co. | www.sandc.com/nr


FISO Technologies introduces the new Nortech TT, a simplified and cost-effective solution for hot spot monitoring of lower rating T&D transformers.

The Nortech TT responds to the needs of direct, accurate and real-time hot spot temperature measurement associated to monitoring and maintenance of small and medium transformers. Electrical utilities concerned about safety and reliable operation of their high-voltage equipment now have access to a reliable and cost-effective fiber-optic hot spot temperature monitoring system suitable to their needs.

The Nortech TT system provides:

  • Accurate, direct and real-time knowledge of hot spot temperature.

  • Heat run test data used to build an accurate thermal model of the transformer, which provides immediate assessment and in-depth information about the transformer design and assembly allowing the utility to precisely monitor the transformer life and predict the transformer's expected performance during normal load and overload.

  • Precise, real-time view of winding conditions is attributable to the Nortech TT's capability to measure temperature instantaneously when compared to top oil thermocouple, which are significantly slower to respond. The Nortech TT complements indirect measurements based on thermal models.

  • Mechanical and electrical capabilities are preserved through direct, accurate and reliable temperature monitoring.

  • Early warning that will help you identify possible fault conditions that could lead to equipment failures and unscheduled outages.

The Nortech TT fiber-optic signal conditioner is compatible with FISO's fiber-optic temperature sensors used for design and validation, offered and installed worldwide for transformer temperature monitoring. The multi-channel Nortech TT is available with or without display. Equipped with RS-232 and RS-485 ports, the Nortech TT offers MODBUS (ASCII, RTU) communication designed for easy integration to existing substation platforms.
FISO Technologies | www.fiso.com


Add an extra element of safety on the job site with William Frick and Co. Emergency Hardhat Labels. Life-saving information can help expedite the appropriate medical response when an accident occurs.

Conformable vinyl adhesive safety stickers provide a no-wrinkle imprintable surface allowing vital information to be stored on the inside of hardhats and safety helmets. Information includes worker's name, employee ID number, blood type, medications, allergies, medical conditions and emergency contact telephone numbers. Labels can be custom colored and imprinted with company logo, and are sealed and protected with clear durable laminate to protect against sweat and dirt damage. The emergency label is shaped to fit the contours of the inside of a helmet.
William Frick and Co.