Digital Multimeters Online Videos

Fluke Corp. has posted four brief online videos that explain the advanced features of the newest Fluke digital multimeters (DMMs).

Advanced DMMs such as the Fluke 289 Industrial Trending Digital Multimeter and Fluke 287 Electronics Multimeter incorporate a multitude of sophisticated test and measurement capabilities. New Fluke online videos are available to help users understand and use such powerful capabilities as TrendCapture, data logging and Min/Max/Average testing.

Four video clips are available, covering:

  • TrendCapture enables users to record events and display the results on the large display screen built into the Fluke 287 and 289 DMMs.

  • Data Logging allows users to record measurements (up to 15,000 events over time) in the meter, before downloading the results to a PC. With data logging, the user can continue to gather information, even while getting work done at another location.

  • Min/Max/Average measurement enables users to capture values and see fluctuations in signal levels, then retrieve the results later by pushing a single button.

  • A fourth video explains the user-friendly features of the Fluke 287 and Fluke 289, such as the large, bright backlit display screen and on-screen help available by pushing one button.

Fluke Corp.

GPS Management Application

Telogis Inc.'s OnTrack WorkForce application, a feature-rich GPS management application built for field personnel, was selected Best-in-Class by the Sierra Wireless & Wavefront Developer Program. The application is a Web-based GPS management application coupled with connected satellite navigation running on a Sierra Wireless-enabled laptop.

OnTrack WorkForce features include navigation with streaming satellite imagery and heavy truck attributes, custom GIS map overlays and custom forms driven by a Wiki language.

WorkForce is built to run with Telogis' OnTrack solution, an enterprise fleet-management application that features mapping, reporting, exception alerts, engine diagnostics, dispatching, and routing, as well as a CXO-level dashboard designed to manage 10,000 plus unit deployments. The additional features of WorkForce allow personnel to increase efficiency in the field through effective management of large fleets; advanced commercial vehicle navigation; including restrictions such as tunnel heights and bridge weights; custom routing rules to determine the most direct route; wireless filing of DOT/HOS compliance data and forms; and optimization of multiple-stop routes.
Telogis Inc. |

Automation Platform

Open Systems International has released its monarch (Multi-platform Open Network ARCHitecture) platform, which has been targeted for mid-tier utilities. monarch/mt (mid-tier) offers growing cooperatives and municipal utilities a quality and easy-to-implement SCADA and automation platform.

Due to the flexibility and scalability of the monarch platform and associated products, OSI has been meeting the critical automation needs of large investor-owned utilities, rural electric cooperatives and municipalities.

monarch/mt is based on Windows or Linux operating systems and offers a new user-interface system based on Microsoft .NET technology. A range of popular open and legacy RTU protocols are supported along with many open interfaces including the MultiSpeak interface and GIS interfaces. A range of distribution, generation and transmission applications are available to meet specific needs of the utilities' mission.
Open Systems International

Automatic Transfer Switches

For 600-V class applications, Russelectric single-operator and dual-operator automatic transfer switches are available in 2-, 3- or 4-pole configurations for emergency/standby power systems. With the industry's highest three-cycle closing and withstand ratings, these switches are labeled for use with any circuit breaker with instantaneous trip. UL listed through 4000 A and SCADA capable, they offer front-accessible wiring and rapid arc quenching. IEC-certified models are available.

The Model RMT single-operator switch and the Model RMTD dual-operator switch are both designed for open-transition switching. The Model RMTD is ideal for applications that require the switching of large inductive loads. Both models have positive mechanical interlocking and provide high-speed, quick-break, quick-make preloaded transfer via a simple electrical operator, backed-up by a safe manual operator. The Model RMTD-CT dual-operator switch provides closed-transition switching.
Russelectric Inc. |

Bird Deterrent

Bird-B-Gone Mist is a hazing system that releases a fine mist into the air to deter pest birds from large open spaces that are generally hard to treat such as electrical substations, which offer multiple landing spots for birds. The unit distributes methyl anthranilate, a grape extract proven to be effective in repelling pest birds. Methyl anthranilate is a food-grade material and recognized by the FDA as a safe substance. The extract irritates the birds' trigeminal nerve and mucous membranes through entry in the eyes, nose or mouth. Birds do not like the sensation caused by the extract and will take flight from the area being treated.

The Bird-B-Gone Mist has an LCD touch screen for programming. From the control unit, users can attach up to 64 misting “drop” units, controlling each one individually. Each drop station can cover 6000 to 8000 sq ft (557 to 743 sq m). Spray units can be set to go off simultaneously or at alternating times. The control panel tracks liquid levels and notifies the user when to refill the units.

Bird-B-Gone Mist can be programmed to fit any schedule. The nozzle design on the unit provides a verifiable “5-micron particle size,” meaning this system is the first hazer not to leave a residue behind. The adjustable nozzles allow the user to direct the mist toward problem areas.
Bird-B-Gone |

Symmetric Interrupting Switch

G&W Electric Co. extends its line of SF6-insulated load and fault interrupting switches to include a 25-kA symmetrical interrupting design.

Trade named Vantage, these switches are fully tested to the latest industry standards including ANSI C37.60, ANSI C37.74 and IEC 62271-201 for arc resistance. Open/close switching with integral ground position simplifies system grounding procedures. Large viewing windows help verify switch contact position for operating personnel. Designs are available for both padmount and vault applications. Switches are hookstick or rope operable.
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