Mobile Stray Voltage Testing System

Narda Safety Test Solutions' Model 8950/10 detects potentially hazardous voltages present on conductive structures. Designed to be mounted to a pickup truck, the product is a complete system that rapidly scans streets for energized objects to minimize human or animal exposure to high voltages.

The system consists of a three-axis, E-field sensor configured especially for the stray voltage task. The sensor outputs field information through fiber-optic cables to a hardened laptop computer that is monitored by field personnel. When voltages are detected, the operator is notified via visual and audible alarms. The product is also able to discriminate between primary- or neutral-side faults — a key feature for the public's safety. The system will operate for 10 hours on its internal NiMH rechargeable batteries. It is supplied with a vehicle mount, computer, software, fiber-optic cable and serial converter.
Narda Safety Test Solutions |

Lighting Control Relays

With the rugged design of its components and enclosures, Trinetics Lighting Control Relays provide durable options for coordinated area lighting. The cost associated with servicing individual photocells is eliminated, resulting in improved efficiency and a more aesthetically pleasing area coverage.

Maysteel offers an extensive line of RCOC (remote control of outdoor circuits) products. The RLY Series is a compact, inexpensive control relay designed for tight-fit applications. The MR Series features high compression, low audible noise, minimum eddy current heating. The MTR Series features maintenance-free, hermetically sealed mercury tube contactors that eliminate contactor wear issues and concerns. The Lighting Control Centers are designed for situations where multiple breaker-protected lighting circuits are required. The group lighting control features a single RCOC relay combined with a Trinetics oil or vacuum switch to provide primary-side control of one or more transformers in wide-area lighting circuit applications.

Trinetics is now also offering submersible relays and connectors. The case, contacts and connectors are sealed, watertight and compact. This product is suitable for subsurface, flood prone and confined space applications.
Maysteel, LLC |

Weighted Blanket

The PIG Oil-Only Weighted Blanket captures leaks and drips outdoors, even in windy conditions. The blanket features a hydrophobic polypropylene filler that absorbs petroleum-based liquids but no water. Its durable, spunbond outer shell is guaranteed to resist UV rays for 12 months — even in the sunniest location — and repels water to preserve the efficiency of the filler. Heavy-duty seams form self-contained pockets within the blanket to maximize the coverage area and keep the filler evenly distributed.

Suitable for leaky transformers or areas where heavy equipment is parked, the blanket stays in place without blowing out of position or onto wires, capacitors or transformers. Ballasts provide extra weight, and grommeted corners allow the blanket to be staked down. The PIG Oil-Only Weighted Blanket helps to comply with 40 CFR 112.7 and 40 CFR 122.26.
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Backyard Machine

The EZ Handler features Terex LT 37 aerial and a remote-drive chassis with the ability to fit through 36-inch gates. The machine is also ANSI A.92.2-2006 compliant. It has a track safety interlock system as well as an auto-sensing two-speed drive system.
SDP Manufacturing |

Laminated Wood-Frame Structures

Laminated wood poles are made from an abundant, renewable timber resource that is not subject to shortages or surcharges. Wood is a natural carbon offset and has the least “cradle-to-grave” impact on the environment when compared to steel and concrete. Because of its nationwide network of laminators, treaters and suppliers, Laminated Wood Systems can also supply poles quickly to utilities in need.

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Combo Harness

The Combo Harness is suitable for all jobs requiring positioning to increase safety and productivity. The harness has a choice of buckle attachment on the chest and legs and a standard D-ring at the hips and back. It is also available with additional D-ring positioning options to suit user's needs. The product is available in 13 sizes, which meet Canadian Standard Association and ASTM standards. The leather full-floating positioning belt is made of a 5-inch-wide back pad with a foam cushion covered with soft leather. The waist strap is made from six-ply impregnated nylon strapping, and the belt is equipped with double-riveted leather tool loops, a tape holder and a chrome accessory clip.
J.E. Lortie Co. |

Tap Twister

The Robotool Grip-Stik Tap Twister helps linemen switch taps on a 34.5-kV padmount transformer. The product is easy for users to secure on their hot stick or switch stick, and will help save time and money and reduce injuries. The product also will allow crews to do the job with one worker rather than two. The product is 21 inches long and weighs 2.5 lbs. Its handles fold for easy storage on sticks.
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Low-Pressure Cutter

The HK-LPC180 is a new low-pressure cutter that cuts through hard materials like ACSR and guy strand in three seconds using standard truck pressure up to 1750 psi. This low-pressure cutter will cut any material including ACSR, guy strand, copper and aluminum, cold rolled steel and wire rope. This tool is designed to run directly off of a truck's low-pressure hydraulic system. No intensifier is needed. The cutter head weighs 11 lbs, and the power unit weighs 18 lbs. It is 28 inches long, 10 inches wide and 8 inches tall. The M2 tool steel blades have a corrosion-resistant finish. The internal pressure-relief safety valve configurable adapter allows the tool to be used with open or closed center systems.
Hi Line Utility Supply Co. |

Work Gloves

Leather Utility XT gloves are made of goat-skin leather sewn into an ergonomic 3-D performance glove pattern with dexterity and durability. The result is increased efficiency, productivity, comfort and safety for workers. The gloves extra wide pattern reduces hand fatigue and increases comfort. It also has heavy-duty top-of-hand knuckle protection and a 2.5-inch safety cuff for wrist protection.
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Safety Training Program

The updated Crane Safety and Rigging Safety training programs from Global Training Solutions help utilities comply with the new rule on cranes and derricks from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The rule is designed to prevent crane-related fatalities including electrocution, crushed by/struck by incidents during assembly/disassembly, collapses and overturns. The new regulation also establishes requirements for ground conditions and crane operator certification, as well as the movement, set up and use of cranes around power lines.

Both the industrial and construction DVD versions of the programs incorporate information from the revised OSHA regulation and are available in English and Spanish. Areas covered include ground conditions, assembly and disassembly, work around power lines, operator certification, qualifications for signal persons and maintenance personnel, and training and inspections.

Each program provides all of the materials needed to promote and conduct a safety meeting.
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