Spacer Cable Turnkey Services

Hendrix's spacer cable turnkey services save utilities money and time, and reduce outages by an estimated 90%. Utilities can contract with Hendrix for full turnkey services from site evaluation to final inspection, or for any portion of a project.

Hendrix's turnkey spacer cable services can lower costs on substation exits and under/over builds, as well as long spans or ecologically sensitive areas.

Hendrix provides complete project management services, including evaluation of alternatives, quotation management, scheduling and cost control. Site evaluation services include job layout/pole placement, as well as line and profile drawings.

The Hendrix spacer cable solution is designed to Hendrix standards using genuine Hendrix cable and accessories. Design work includes pole evaluation, SAG and tension, guying, grounding and arrestor requirements, as well as construction drawings and bills of material. Construction services include material procurement, contractor training and supervision, quality control and installation. Rounding out the turnkey offerings are quality-assurance services, including final inspection and provision of as-built drawings.

Spacer cable has been used by utilities for many years to improve the reliability and power quality of primary distribution systems while making them more resistant to storm damage. The compact configuration and reduced clearance requirements allow for multiple circuits to be installed on a single pole, thus combating right-of-way problems and saving money by reducing the number of poles required.
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Storm Center Automation Solution

Utilities across North America continue to recover from one of the most active tornado seasons on record, and the season is only halfway over. Numerous utilities have turned to Macrosoft's Resources on-Demand to manage and expedite restoration efforts during emergencies.

Designed for electric utilities, the Resources on-Demand tool manages resource requests, tracks personnel movements and supports lodging/logistics during a power restoration event. It is used extensively by both large and small utilities throughout North America, and the result has been quicker restoration, cost savings and a streamlined approach to outage management.

The 4.0 version uses the enhanced Resources and Logistics Engine, providing the ability to set up teams, sites, work locations, vendors, order placement, order tracking, team transportation, meals and lodging down to individual team members. The advance logistics module enables utility executives to know which teams are assigned to which operation centers, where they are working, sleeping and eating, and what equipment they are using in a particular restoration event. Advanced dashboards provide high-level views on teams, lodging and logistics, and enhanced reporting allows summaries to be printed and used in control centers.


Eaton Corp. announces the release of its uninterruptible power supply (UPS) tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The application is a supplement of Eaton's popular UPS Selector Web tool and is available completely free of charge through Apple's App Store.

The application identifies the best UPS solution by processing information, such as load requirements, operating voltage and form factor. The tool also includes customization options, such as extra power needs, outage runtime and site voltage. The app will help users remotely locate the best UPS solution for their application and power needs.
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Tower Wrench

Hi-Line Utility Supply's 17-inch (43-cm) transmission wrench provides greater flexibility for linemen dealing with the most common nut sizes in larger power transmission fasteners. Designed specifically for utility, construction and maintenance workers, the tower wrench's extended length stands out on the job.

The Bolt-Thru design of the tower wrench allows a threaded rod to pass through the socket so that nuts can be secured on any threaded length. The heavy-duty stamped riveted metal handle has a vinyl grip. It is coated with an epoxy paint for durability and easy cleaning. The tower wrench is available with a variety of square and hex sockets.
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2011 Bird-B-Gone Catalog

Bird-B-Gone's new catalog features more than 100 products to help prevent birds from landing or nesting. Bird-B-Gone's products are easy to install and have industry-leading guarantees. Products include bird exclusion netting, bird spikes, low-profile electric track systems, bird repellents, visual bird deterrents and more.
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