Transformer Health Products

High Voltage Supply, a division of Waukesha Electric Systems, manufactures a group of Transformer Health Products designed to increase the reliability and life of your transformer while lowering the cost of maintenance: nitrogen generators, inert air systems, dehydrating breathers, LTC oil-filtrations systems, PTC heaters and LTC “high-intensity” training classes.
High Voltage Supply
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Cold-Shrink Termination Kit

3M brings the greater reliability of cold-shrink technology to the high-voltage market for the first time with the new 69-kV termination. Manitoba Hydro has begun using QT-III termination kits for 69 kV in pad-mounted substation and outdoor pole-mounted applications. Installation is simpler, and there is no need for a torch or heavy porcelain products.
3M |
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CCA-Treated Wood Poles

Arch licensees produce CCA-treated wood poles with a 50-year limited warranty. Also available are CCA poles with ET or extra additive for enhanced climbability. Besides long life, treated wood poles provide resilience, insulation, renewability, carbon sequestering and economy.
Arch Wood Protection
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Coil Deployment Trailer

The self-loading Coil Master CM 4000 and the manual-load Coil Master CM 4000 ML coil deployment trailer, from ARNCO Corp., safely transport and deploy large-diameter coils. Both models have a sturdy cage design that safely contains the coils that can pose a risk to personal safety when the coil bands are released. Operators continue to stay safe because they work at ground.

ARNCO also offers three models of the Reel-Master RM 3050 Series cable and duct reel trailer to carry varying cargo weight. All models transport up to 120-inch (305-cm) diameter and up to 65-inch (165-cm) wide cable and duct reels.
ARNCO Corp. |
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Insulation and Sealing Solutions

DSG-Canusa is a North American manufacturer of heat-shrink products, providing a comprehensive range of insulation and sealing solutions for low-voltage and medium-voltage electrical cable, equipment and retrofit applications. With the recent introduction of MV Cable Termination and Splice Kits, DSG-Canusa offers a complete source of reliable heat-shrink products for primary and secondary electrical distribution networks operated by power utilities.
DSG-Canusa |
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T&D Services

KEMA provides energy consulting, technology implementation and market knowledge expertise to more than 500 energy and utility clients worldwide. Our T&D services help clients achieve a range of goals in optimized asset performance, effective transmission system planning, best-possible power quality, minimized system losses, maximized reliability and design, and cost-effective and efficient infrastructure extension and maintenance.
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CYME presents PSAF and CYMDIST, which are among the most advanced engineering analysis software packages for transmission and distribution network planning and studies, complemented with protective device coordination (CYMTCC) and cable ampacity calculations (CYMCAP). Also presented, CYMDIST Gateway, for the creation and maintenance of the distribution network data model from any GIS.
CYME International T&D Inc.
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Flame-Resistant Clothing

For more than 115 years, Carhartt has manufactured premium work wear known f or exceptional durability, comfort and fit. Now the same classic styles are available in flame-resistant fabrics to help protect against injury caused by arc flash.
Carhartt Inc. |
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SF6 Program

Concorde announces a SF6 program for utilities that want to comply with the EPA protocol for responsible disposal of SF6. Concorde also will recycle used gas if you want to reuse it in your equipment or trade in for virgin gas. Concorde has a cylinder program to fit your needs.
Concorde Specialty Gasses Inc. |
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Encore Series

Dranetz-BMI introduces the Encore Series for power quality, demand and energy, and process monitoring. The Encore Series' configurable design allows users to combine four modules in one instrument for applications that previously required more instruments. Users will save money and gain physical space. The Encore Series provides advanced trending, data analysis, reporting, real time and setups for one or more instruments.
Dranetz-BMI |
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Silicone Rubber Insulators

The new Ohio Brass (Hubbell Power Systems Inc.) family of line post insulators for 15-kV to 72-kV applications is designed for distribution and subtransmission applications. The new insulators join the existing Ohio Brass family of distribution dead-ends, suspension and post insulators. Products meet ANSI C29.18-2003 and CEA LWIWG-02-1996 standards. These insulators incorporate a bonded-rubber design, high mechanical strength, generous leakage distance for optimum contamination protection and superior electrical performance.
Hubbell Power Systems Inc.
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Drive-Type T&D Anchors

Manta Ray drive-type transmission and distribution anchors are driven into the ground, not augured or torqued, resulting in zero soil disturbances since no hole is dug. The anchor is then pulled upon to set in the ground at the desired holding capacity.
Foresight Products, LLC |
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Modular Buildings

Kysor Panel Systems' modular buildings are urethane-insulated pales that have a variety of uses including switchyard and substation control houses, pump houses, telecom shelters and battery rooms.
Kysor Panel Systems |
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Insulated Stranded Wire Cable

Poli-able is a new product offer of cut-to-length insulated stranded wire cable for secondary and primary lead applications. The insulated cable can be purchased with or without terminations. Poli-able is more flexible than other insulated cable. The cut-to-length and connector option will save cutting waste and assembly labor.
Cindus Corp. |
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Composite Technology Corp.'s proprietary ACCC/TW (Aluminum Conductor Composite Core/Trapezoidal Wire) bare overhead conductors are a form, fit, function replacement of traditional steel core lines and allow the ampacity to be doubled in existing transmission and distribution corridors at low cost. ACCC's high-strength carbon/glass core makes it a true high-temperature/low sag conductor.
Composite Technology Corp.

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Transformer Sac

Andax manufactures instant spill control and emergency preparedness products, such as the Transformer Sac. It completely encapsulates the transformer, catching and containing oil leaks at the source. It is heavy duty, lightweight and easy to use. It minimizes oil exposure for linemen, line trucks and the environment, thus minimizing contamination and cleanup costs. It is ideal for handling, transporting or storing transformers. The Padmount Transformer Sac is also available.
Andax Environmental Corp.
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Insulated Bus Bars

PBP Pressinger offers a full range of indoor/outdoor fully insulated bus bars (up to 40 kV/8000 A) for most bus-bar applications. Being fully insulated, the bus bars need no bus duct, and are maintenance free, fast to install and environmentally friendly. There will be no short circuits caused by animals or weather, and the bus bars have very small bending radii.
PBP-Preissinger GmbH & Co./Electromech Co. Ltd.
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Heat Transfer Products

Enerfin Inc. was established in 1989 to design and manufacture heat-transfer products and integrated systems for the energy sector. Products and services include: transformer oil coolers (OFWF, OFAF, ONWF type), pumps and accessories, generator and motor air coolers, bearing oil coolers, hydrogen coolers, air preheaters, shell and tube, integrated system (cooler, pumps, valves, strainers, gages and control panel), thermal design and mechanical engineering.
Enerfin Inc.
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Transmission Consulting Services

Transmission projects present unique challenges. The right of way may cross many jurisdictions, multiplying the permits required. Such a project usually involves a variety of land characteristics and uses, which may include potential archaeological sites, endangered species habitats, wetlands, storm-water management or other areas of regulatory interest. Public demand for the building of these projects may require an aggressive schedule, but affected special interest groups may seek delays. G&O provides the necessary services to keep your transmission project moving toward completion.
Greenhorne & O'Mara Inc. |
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FCI-BURNDY Products' WEJTAP connectors use a power-driven aluminum-alloy wedge to lock the tap cables into a self-adjusting C-shaped spring body, maintaining consistent pressure throughout the life of the connection, and ensuring reliability during severe electrical and climatic conditions.
FCI-BURNDY Products |
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Vacuum Reclosers

The Joslyn TriMod 300R recloser works directly with Schweitzer's 351R control. TriMod vacuum reclosers provide 10,000 maintenance-free operations with no required maintenance. Long-life vacuum interrupters provide twice the duty cycle required by ANSI c.37.60. The recloser contains no oil or SF6 gas. Only one cable is required for full functionality.
Joslyn Hi-Voltage |
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Implosive Connectors

Implo Technologies Inc. offers a complete range of implosive connectors under the XECONEX trade name. These splices are easy, fast and clean, and they produce a higher quality connection than compression fittings. They are available in a wide range of connector types, including full-tension joints, jumper terminals, T-taps, dead-ends, and repair sleeves for all types of conductors and steel cables. Implo also offers a range of other products for improving the electrical and mechanical contact between dissimilar metal contacts such as steel to copper and aluminum to copper. Implosive connectors for copper grounding cables are also available.
Implo Technologies Inc.
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VLF AC Hipot Cable Tester

High Voltage Inc. introduces a testing device that will help electric distribution utility workers discover and fix weaknesses in cables under controlled environments, before being returned to service. The main advantage of the VLF AC Hipot tester over the previously used dc device is that potential problems in cables can be discovered earlier.
High Voltage Inc. |
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Integrated Switchgear Buildings

General Switchgear & Controls Ltd. brings you arc-resistant, metal-clad 5-kV, 15-kV and 25-kV switchgear-integrated medium- and low-voltage MCCs, UPS, PLC and SCADA systems. These integrated equipment buildings, electrical switchgear buildings, power distribution centers and moveable substations come fully factory assembled and factory pre-commissioned ready for your site. Place-and-plug design delivers major installed cost savings, reduced outages and increased employee safety.
General Switchgear & Controls Ltd. |
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Consulting Engineers

HDR Engineering's consulting engineers and scientists provide integrated services for power delivery. With more than 4000 employee owners in more than 100 locations nationally, HDR Engineering provides substation, transmission and distribution design, SCADA/automation design and implementation; power systems planning, rate and cost of service analysis; construction observation; CAD mapping/drafting; siting analysis; environmental review and permitting; and rights-of-way services.
HDR Engineering |
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Substation Transformers

Featuring ONAN ratings up to 40 MVA with primary voltage ratings through 161 kV, our medium-power substation transformers deliver optimal performance in the harshest of environments along with the superior quality you've grown to trust from Howard Industries. When it comes to transformers, require the best — Howard Power Solutions.
Howard Power Solutions
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Transformer Manufacturing

Waukesha Electric Systems is one of the largest U.S. manufacturers of medium-power transformers (10 MVA to 100 MVA) and a valued supplier of large-power transformers (top rated to 250 MVA, 345 kV) and complete substation service solutions. Through PSD Inc., Waukesha also provides high-voltage substation/transmission line EPC solutions. Its Dallas facility, High Voltage Supply, offers transformers, LTC and breaker components, as well as reverse engineering and training.
Waukesha Electric Systems |
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Utility Specialty Services

InfraSource Services Inc. offers value-added services including the design, engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance of utility and industrial infrastructure. The company specializes in electric utilities with services such as electric T&D line construction, power substation installation and underground electric power T&D. InfraSource also offers natural gas transmission and distribution infrastructure services; joint-trench operations; program management; and telecommunication point-to-point fiber connections, duct and cable, construction and maintenance.
InfraSource Services Inc. |
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Non-Electric Fences

Kinectrics Inc. has developed PowerKage, an innovative non-electric fence designed to prevent access by squirrels, raccoons and other animals to electrical equipment at substations, thereby eliminating a common cause of power outages. Kinectrics' design, backed by extensive research and testing, has proven effective and reliable in preventing substation intrusion by animals.
Kinectrics Inc. |
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Terminal Block Products

Konnext Inc. manufactures cutting-edge terminal block products. The CT Series shorting block allows all positions to be switched from normal to shunted state by pushing the switch handle and sliding it to the desired position. Due to the captive screw system with dead front cover, there will be no dropped/lost screws.
Konnext Inc. |
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Rental, Sale and Lease Solutions

Advanced Test Equipment offers rental, sale and lease solutions for test and measurement requirements. We offer turnkey solutions for projects, carrying off-the-shelf products such as amplifiers, antennas, attenuators, oscillators, power supplies and EMC/ESD/RFI systems from AEMC, Dranetz-BMI, Haefely, Agilent, Amplifier Research, EMI, Giga-Tronics, Keithley, National Instruments, Rohde & Schwarz, Schaffner and Tektronix.
Advanced Test Equipment Corp. |
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Polymer Pole Line Hardware

Enerscan Engineering Inc. is a clear industry leader that has designed, developed and manufactured polymer pole line hardware since 1985. Products such as polymer spool insulators (distributed by Hubbell), cable rack insulators, secondary spacers, midspan brackets and many other Enerscan success stories have been the first to use polymer in their respective applications. Watch for other new products soon to be released, including pin-type insulators and standoff insulators.
Enerscan Engineering Inc. |
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15-kV SF6 Switch

Nippon Kouatsu Electric Co. Ltd. has 50 years of history in the supply of power distribution equipment to all of the power utilities in Japan. NKE introduces a new 15-kV SF6 switch, in compliance with IEC/ANSI, that is compact and light yet highly functional and reliable. All of our technologies and know-how accumulated in the Japan market are effectively integrated into the switch.
Nippon Kouatsu Electric Co. Ltd. |
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Concrete-Filled Steel Pole

Valmont Newmark recently introduced Muscle Pole, a concrete-filled steel pole suitable for areas where space constraints are highly restrictive, such as tight rights of way or sidewalk clearances required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Some of the benefits include: super high strength in a small diameter; a self-supporting structure; and costs less than an equivalent all-steel pole.
Valmont Newmark |
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Electrical Testing and Commissioning

The final demonstration that electrical substation equipment and transmission line systems have been properly designed and installed, and not damaged during transport, is accomplished during the testing and commissioning process. This activity requires experienced and highly skilled personnel who are familiar with all aspects of transmission system facilities. Sargent & Lundy has the expertise necessary to develop a comprehensive commissioning plan and to implement a safe and effective electrical testing program.
Sargent & Lundy, LLC |
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Modular Composite T&D Poles

Service restoration … faster is better! RStandard modular composite transmission and distribution poles offer a building block design. This allows you to assemble the pole you need when you need it. It saves time and restores service faster.
RS Technologies |
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Consulting Solutions

Founded in 1898, Burns & McDonnell is an engineering, construction, environmental and consulting solutions firm. The employee-owned firm designs, builds and secures T&D, substation and telecommunication systems for electric utilities and industry in every region of the United States.
Burns & McDonnell |
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