Digital Voltmeters

HDE offers the HDE DVM-80 Series digital voltmeters and phasing instruments designed to measure voltages up to 40 kV and up to 80 kV when used with a pair of add-on resistors. Three models are available: the DVM-80, DVM-80T with test point mode and the latest addition to the series, the DVM-80UVK universal voltmeter kit. HDE has expanded the features of the DVM-80 voltmeter and packaged it with an assembly of accessories, offering it as a complete, ready-to-use universal voltmeter kit.

The voltmeter measures AC and DC voltages and is highly accurate with 1% of the reading and features a triple auto-ranging 3.5-digit display that reads in kilovolts from 5 V to 80 kV. The backlit display is easy to read in bright and dark conditions. The voltmeters are designed for use on secondary voltages starting at 5 V, and measure voltage on elbow test points and meter displays system voltage.

The equipment tests underground cables for faults, includes an automatic shut-off feature and is powered by a standard 9-V alkaline battery in an easy-to-change battery case that does not require tools. The voltmeter weighs 2.25 lb (1 kg).

The DVM-80UVK universal voltmeter kit performs voltmeter and phasing equipment operations for virtually all overhead and underground applications. It includes a dual stick phasing voltmeter with overhead hook probes for use up to 40 kV, add-on resistor sticks for measurements up to 80 kV, underground bushing probes, a cable fault tester, a voltmeter proof tester, shotgun hot stick adapters and a soft-sided carrying bag with built-in bucket hooks.

HD Electric Co.

Gas Reclaimer

DILO'S D-320-R007 gas reclaimer features proprietary SF6 processing pumps designed to minimize the risk of gas losses or contamination by being completely oil-less and hermetically sealed. SF6 gas can be removed from gas-insulated equipment to a residual pressure of less than 3 mbar (2 mmHg) while simultaneously obtaining liquid stage storage pressures.

The overall recovery speed is 180% faster than previous models. A PLC-based Set-and-Forget Automation process provides safe and complete control of the operating cycles. Highly accurate electronic transmitters are deployed to detect operating pressures, which are displayed on a LCD screen.


Bluetooth Serial Adapters

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) has introduced the SEL-2924 and SEL-2925 Bluetooth serial adapters to provide secure wireless links to remote laptops and smartphones, reducing exposure to to dangerous environments for engineers and technicians.

By installing a wireless SEL serial adapter on a serial port, personnel can communicate as if they were connected with a serial cable. They avoid having to enter a hazardous or crowded area, suiting up in arc-flashing protective clothing, diverting traffic or introducing tripping hazards. Both serial adapters are secure from cyber intrusion using Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR security and require an 8- to 16-charater encryption PIN.

SEL-2925 Bluetooth Serial Adapters are designed for permanent installation on the serial port of a meter, protective relay, controller, or other device, enabling wireless access over 100 m (300 ft). SEL-2924 Bluetooth serial adapters are suited for temporary use and include rechargeable batteries to support operation for more than 8 hours without other power sources. The SEL-2924 can communicate more than 10 m (32 ft).

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Acoustic Partial-Discharge Localization

OMICRON's PDL 650 locates faults in the oil-paper insulation of power transformers by measuring the resulting partial discharge. The PDL 650 localizes the partial-discharge signals using multiple sensors distributed around the power transformer's surface. Then the software determines the failure location using the time difference of all incoming signals. These coordinates are shown in a 3-D model of the transformer.

As a result, power transformer insulation defects can be located quickly and precisely to streamline the repair process. For later reference, protocols or recordings of the entire measurement can be created at the click of a mouse.


Cable Sheaths Testing/Fault Locating Device

BAUR Prüf - und Messtechnik GmbH has designed a lightweight device for testing cables/cable sheaths and locating cable faults. The 20-kg (44-lb) device, called Shirla, enables testing up to 10-kV DC and is powered by the mains supply or through a built-in accumulator.

Preliminary location of low ohmic faults, such as sheath faults, works with direct current and is based on the Wheatstone measuring bridge balanced with a variable resistance. In Shirla, the measuring bridge is used according to Murray (bridge circuit with one auxiliary return) and Glaser (bridge with two auxiliary returns). After the measurement is complete, Shirla displays the distance to the fault location, either in percentage of the measured cable line or in meters. To ensure accurate measurement, the device calculates distance using inputs for length, conductor cross-section, and the conductor material of the cable and its segments.

As the length and position of the cable are often known for in-house infrastructures, the fault can be detected within a few meters using a line-measuring device (running wheel). Then exact pinpointing can be accomplished using the search receiver KMF 1 or the universal receiver UL 30. The step voltage method can be applied with both receivers, locating the sheath fault within minutes. The operator can adjust the device's pulsed voltage continuously between 100 V and 10 kV based on the type of cable.

Shirla has proven useful for location cable sheath faults in low-voltage structures as well as within medium-voltage networking of structures such as wind power plants. Operators and makers of solar parks use the device for testing and fault location.

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Micro Ohmmeter

SensorLink released the Radio Ohmstik, a live-line micro ohmmeter that communicates by radio and provides engineers with data to predict connector failure years in advance. This capability enables utilities to replace equipment on a planned basis before failure occurs.

The user receives instant feedback on the measurement through a remote display unit mounted directly to the hot stick. Simultaneously, the Radio Ohmstik receives the same data that is running the user's computer. With the provided GPS USB device installed, measurement and location data are automatically written and saved to a comma-separated CVS file for future analysis.

The Radio Ohmstik may be used on almost any connection in a utility, either at installation or surveyed after years of usage. The direct resistance measurement proves much more exact than infrared thermography. The product is not subject to emissivity, cooling from wind, current loading and other influences that cause infrared errors.

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Hot Line Tools

Terex Utilities now offers a broad range of tools and solutions for work on energized power lines to electrical industry, electric cooperative and municipal utility customers in North America.

Terex hot line tools are designed for crews working on live power lines up to 800 kV, reducing safety risks and the cost associated with shutting down electrical networks for maintenance services.

The Terex line of hot line equipment includes all the necessary tools, as well as personal and collective protection equipment for different hot line working methods for applications involving electrical systems, including hot stick and bare-hand methods.

In addition to selling these specialty tools and solutions separately, Terex also offers customers the ability to custom-fit their Terex utility trucks with the hot line equipment electric crews need the most.

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Video Surveillance Camera

The rugged Toshiba IK-WB80A IP video surveillance camera is built to withstand extreme heat and cold, snow, sleet and rain, even vandalism — all without the purchase of an enclosure. The camera's metallic housing meets the demanding IP66 international standard, meaning it can be deployed outside in any type of weather. Plus, the imposing Toshiba housing conveys the presence of the highest level of video security available to would-be thieves or vandals, helping to deter crime.

The IK-WB80A features a 2-megapixel CMOS imaging sensor and a Vari-focal lens with 3x optical/4x digital zoom. The resulting 1600 × 1200 resolution captures large outdoor spaces to give users a single large image rather than juggle multiple video streams from several lower-resolution IP cameras.

For nighttime viewing, the camera features IR illuminators effective up to 75 ft (23 m) in complete darkness, along with a true day/night IR cut filter. Power over Ethernet connectivity lets the camera be powered using the same Ethernet cable as the data, simplifying outdoor installations and giving more options for camera mounting.

Other features include dual MPEG4/MJPEG video streaming for simultaneous viewing and recording, and a built-in slot for SD and SDHC memory cards to record “at camera.” Operators receive e-mails alerts for tamper and motion detection. Two-way audio provides on-site communications.

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Power Outage Web Portal

Macrosoft's utility outage portal Outage Central ( helps utilities and mutual aid groups get live outage information throughout the year. Outage Central contains maps and outage data allowing users to quickly ascertain outage information in every state across the United States.

Outage Central recently launched a Web-based Mutual Assistance Group View in an effort to provide a forum to help utilities coordinate regional restoration efforts. It allows Regional Mutual Assistance Groups to view outage maps for neighboring utilities to help facilitate a larger geographical response to outage events.

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