Popup Shelter

Hi-Line Utility Supply's portable popup tent was designed to withstand adverse weather conditions. The one-piece tent can be set up by one person in seconds and features rubber, non-slip feet. The standard color of all ground tents is yellow and white, but the product is available in a variety of styles and sizes. The tents feature two screened windows, tie-down cords through hubs, ground flaps for weight anchoring and exterior, roof level D-rings. In addition, the tent has a carrying case and tent stakes and features no loose parts.
Hi-Line Utility Supply | www.hilineco.com


Anchor Point Software is designed for use in the power industry, specifically for steel-framed structures. Users can use the Web-based software to help them when they need to tie off to a new anchor point on site or in the field. Each anchor point that is certified through the FPPi Anchor Point Program is backed up on the vendor's onsite server as well as separate off-site locations. As a result, the customer always has a record and documentation on each anchor successfully evaluated by the program.
Fall Protection Professionals Inc.

Toggle Latch

The Fargo Universal Toggle Latch "Z" Bar works on ?-inch and 1-inch transformer studs. The die-cast threads provide a wide contact area. A connecting mechanism increases the actual transformer stud contact interface using threads die-cast directly into the latch. The product virtually secures the entire circumference area, rather than only a small portion as seen in most thread and setscrew style connections. The latch is factory inhibited with HTJC contact aid for improved connection reliability.
Hubbell Power Systems | www.hubbellpowersystems.com

Underground Puller

The Sherman & Reilly Model HVD-1000-T is a trailer-mounted, 10,000-lb-pulling-capacity underground bullwheel puller with hydraulic-driven twin-capstan bullwheels. The HVD-1000-T provides infinite speed control and precise constant tension and distance monitoring. The bullwheels are driven by a two-speed gearbox, a hydrostatic drive consisting of a variable displacement axial piston pump and a low-speed high-torque hydraulic motor. The unit is powered by a 38-hp liquid-cooled diesel engine. The puller is equipped with a remote-control kill switch and special underground pulling connectors. The boom system can be rotated to the sides of truck chassis, which allows efficient setup at crowded or congested locations.
Sherman & Reilly | www.sherman-reilly.com

Thermal and Video Zoom Pole Cameras

To inspect high-energy components in vaults and conduits, Zistos offers field professionals a variety of rugged, compact video cameras. Users can mount these cameras to telescoping poles for remote video inspection. Special camera technologies available include dual thermal/visible and self-illuminated 10:1 color zoom. A 5-inch display is separate from the camera and pole for viewing at a safe distance. These pole camera systems facilitate entanglement inspection, triage of failure events and visual assessment of difficult-to-access areas where space or possible dangers are a factor. Cameras and poles are submersible, the display is weatherproof and all components come packaged in a foam-fitted hard case.
Zistos Corp. | www.zistos.com/industrial.htm

Insulator Tester

The Positron Insulator Tester measures the ac electric field surrounding porcelain and composite insulators. The tester features two parallel, dielectrically separated plates that, when placed in an electric field, senses a voltage between them when infrared beams are broken. The beams, which are situated near the internal ends of the probe, are broken when the unit passes a bell (porcelain), the unit passes a shed (composite) or when the actuator is pushed (universal). The measurement is associated with a time stamp for later upload to PC. Each tester comes with software, which transfers the data from the probe to the PC. The software also provides graphics to interpret the condition of the scanned insulators. Users have the ability to scan and record 300 strings before memory uploading is required. They no longer have to count individual insulators to ensure quick reading capability. The field readings can be stored in the database for future reference and analysis, and the data can be exported using ASCII format. The product is compatible with standard hot-stick mountings, and 50-Hz and 60-Hz options are available.
Positron | www.positronpower.com