Retractable Truck Grounding Reels

Hastings' spring-retractable truck grounding reels help field crews to efficiently and safely ground vehicles while they're working on or near energized lines. The reel features a bolt-down design for easy removal and transfer to new vehicles. The ground reel's steel construction can withstand heavy field use, and the product is tested to guarantee a maximum fault current rating. The reel is available with factory-installed cables, including 6 ft of ground cable to connect the reel to the truck. A spring rewind drum provides controlled cable payout from vehicle to ground. The reel's four-way cable guide rollers allow for one-man operation and limit excessive wear on the ground cable. The reels are available in two different models with different cable lengths to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements for vehicle grounding.
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Spray Extender

Wasp nests can pose a hazard to linemen climbing utility poles. To help protect linemen in the field, Your Useful Products has introduced the Spray Close Spray Extender. The product allows linemen to attach a can of any aerosol spray to an extension pole. The tool helps users to reach wasp nests while reducing chemical exposure to the environment. Rather than wasting insect spray, linemen can use the product to hit a wasp nest at a close range.
Your Useful Products

Vertical Rescue System

Spidescape is a completely integrated, self-contained vertical rescue system. Users can pre-rig the system so it is ready and set the variable-speed control knob for hands-free operation. Linemen also can change the speed mid-descent from a complete stop to 6.6 ft/sec. The system uses four independent braking systems for quadruple-redundant safety. The product combines a hands-free “figure 8” with an adjustable disk brake, a manual friction brake and a centrifugal brake. The pocket-sized rescue system weighs under 2 lbs without rope and is made of professional-grade machined aluminum construction. The oyster case features a double hinge for added security and safety. The product is designed to work only with Spidescape ropes, produced by Sterling Ropes.
Spidescape Vertical Descent Systems

Safety Work Boots

L.P. Royer Inc. launched a new style of conductive linemen safety boots, which meet the following standards: IEC 60895:2002, CSA Z195-02 and ASTM F2413-05. The boots have conductivity between 0 W and 2000 W. The model numbers are #8707 for three-season boots and #7954 for winter boots.
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Torque Wrenches

Wright Tool Co.'s torque wrenches help field crews with secure fastening applications. The micro-adjustable, click-type tools are available in ¼-inch, ⅜-inch, ½-inch, ¾-inch and 1-inch drive sizes. The wrenches feature a dual scale in either inch or foot-pounds and Newton meters. Users obtain their click-type name from the clicking action when they reach their desired torque. The wrenches operate in clockwise and counterclockwise directions. The rugged tool is encased in a form-fitting blow mold plastic or steel box. All wrenches come with a certificate of calibration, which ensures precise measurements.
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The Apache drum-style 2518 chipper features a 25-inch by 18-inch opening and a 37-inch-diameter pocketed drum to consume the largest trees. A digital reversing autofeed system controls a dual pump hydraulic system. The chipper also uses a long arm pivot, which gives the top feed wheel a smooth vertical lift path, making for an easy opening over the largest butt ends. The Apache incorporates an Air Vortex Control to channel and accelerate discharge air, which gives the machine a high discharge velocity and improved chip throwing power.
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