Mobile GIS Device

Terra Spectrum Technologies has partnered with Surveylab to provide the mobile GIS technology ikeGPS to the North American vegetation management market.

ikeGPS integrates a laser range finder, digital camera, GPS and 3-D digital compass in a handheld device to capture GPS locations of multiple remote targets from a single position and augment them with digital field notes, measurements and verification images. ikeGPS can measure the heights and clearances of vegetation with ikeAnnotate software, which transforms high-resolution photos into TrueSize images calibrated with onboard location and angle data. ikeGPS will be offered as a stand-alone device as well as bundled with Terra Spectrum Technologies' VMSuite software for vegetation management workflow.

Data captured with the ikeGPS will sync with the PlannerVM work planning application and database and InsightVM, a secure, Web-based customer portal. With VMSuite, data can be augmented with circuit identification, digital signatures, assessment and prescription, crew assignments and LiDAR data sets. Data-rich work orders are then generated, and management can track crew progress and efficiently monitor system health. Together, the technologies will transform field data capture and build a complete picture of vegetation, property and work within distribution, transmission and critical infrastructure protection systems.

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Ohio Brass MVN Arrester by Hubbell Power Systems is replacing the VN Arrester. The MVN offers shorter lead times and better on-time service. Its universal casting provides high seismic performance, and the product line has a reduced height, weight and grading ring size on reduced sizes.

The Ohio Brass Enhanced Varistor Protection polymer arrester supersedes the PVN line of arresters with new and sustainable features. It has a slotted tripod base for flexible installation (fits 8¾-inch and 10-inch bolt circle), as well as an improved sealing system and drawing documentation.

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Flame-Resistant Jean

Cintas Corp. has added the Carhartt Flame Resistant (FR) Jean to its line of Carhartt Rental Workwear.

The Carhartt FR Jean is a Hazard Risk Category 2 garment made with 14.75-oz, 100% flame-resistant cotton denim. It features a relaxed fit and leg openings that fit over work boots for added comfort. The Carhartt FR Jean combines the durability, quality and comfort of the Carhartt brand with Cintas' high service standards and the benefits of a rental program. When it comes to FR clothing, professionally managed rental programs are particularly important because of the specialized laundering process helps maintain the garments' level of protection for the wearer.

Cintas also provides personal protective equipment such as face shields and balaclavas, voltage tools and task wear.

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Secondary Power-Restoration Unit

Hipotronics Power Temp Thirty (PT-30) is designed to temporarily restore underground 30-kVA secondary service when one conductor has failed or been damaged and two conductors are operational. Oversized tires and large hand cart allow for easy maneuverability across uneven surfaces.

With a built-in 150-A breaker, voltage indicator lights and handheld meter outputs, the PT-30 ensures that power is restored quickly and safely.

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Folding Pipe Stand

The RIDGID VF-99 Folding Pipe Stand offers a portable solution for pipe-joining applications. The stand is a functional, lightweight and high-capacity option for joining applications involving pipes up to 12 inches in diameter and 2,500 lb.

The latest addition to the RIDGID pipe stand product line-up offers an efficient design, incorporating lightweight construction and folding rectangular profile legs (open: 27 inches in diameter; closed: 7 inches in diameter) to make it suitable for pipe-joining professionals on the go or with limited storage space. The VF-99 also comes equipped with an ergonomic V-handle, which is angled for comfortable hand position and allows users to adjust (from 28 inches to 58 inches high) and pick up the stand without detaching from the base. Additionally, a locking ring is included to hold the stand in place while working.


Battery-Powered Cable Cutter

The REC-54ACM is designed to cut stranded copper cables and aluminum. The jaws will accept a maximum of 1500-MCM aluminum. The operation of this tool is the same as the REC-54M, but it has sharper blades for cutting only non-ferrous materials. Users must not cut steel with this model, or blade damage will occur.

The REC-54ACM comfortably fits into the lineman's gloved hand, and repetitive ratcheting movement is entirely eliminated. The manufacturer has rotated the handle 90 degrees to the blade to achieve a more ergonomic and comfortable cutting position. Just a squeeze of the trigger is all it takes to make a cut, and almost no muscle power is needed. As a result, the risk of sprains, strains and lost time due to muscle-related injuries can be significantly reduced.

The moveable blade has wide gear teeth for extra power and full cutting traction. Gear guides are attached on both ends of the movable blade to align the gear teeth with the internal pinion gear.

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