Pneumatic Rotary Hammer Drill

CS Unitec's SDS Plus Air Rotary Hammer is safer than similar electric hammer drills in hazardous atmospheres and wet environments, making it ideal for use in utilities. The SDS Plus Air Rotary Hammer is ATEX certified for working in EX zones 112GcT6. The drill includes a water-flushing attachment for suppression of sparks and dust.

The Model 2-2404-0010 Pneumatic Rotary Hammer has 0.7 hp, and drills anchor and through holes up to 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) in diameter in concrete and masonry. CS Unitec's tool uses SDS-Plus solid carbide-tipped masonry drill bits up to 1 inch (2.54 cm) and SDS-Plus carbide core drill bits up to 2.5 inches. It delivers 3000 blows per minute. It can also be converted to straight rotary drilling with 625 rpm for steelor wood. It drills steel up to 0.50-inch (1.27-cm) diameter and wood up to 0.75 inches (1.9 cm).

Quality features of this pneumatic tool include a safety clutch that protects against overloading and jamming. The maintenance-free gearhead has permanent lubrication and sealed gears. It operates at 90 psi and uses 21 ft3 (0.6 m3)per minute of air volume. It comes in a metal carrying case with lubrication. It weighs only 11 lbs (5 kgs).
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Fiber-Optic Temperature Measurement Systems

LumaSense Technologies has released its Luxtron 800 series fiber-optic temperature measurement systems for temperature monitoring in harsh EMI, RF, MRI, microwave and high-voltage environments.

The Luxtron 800 series are industrial-grade fiber-optic temperature-monitoring systems configurable with either one or two measurement channels at 4-Hz or 10-Hz measurement speeds. The table-top Luxtron 812 version features an easy-to-read two-line LED display and is encased in a tamper-proof metal enclosure. The systems have RS-232 or analog output ports for downloading of data and integration into industrial control schemes. The 800 Series board-level systems are an easily integrated component into OEM products where accuracy, low or no drift, and fast measurement speed are required.
LumaSense Technologies

32-Port Substation Switch

GarrettCom Inc.'s newest convection-cooled managed Ethernet switch, the Magnum 6K32FC, offers up to 16 standard fiber ports or 8 gigabit ports in a rack-mount space-efficient package.

For use in fiber-rich power-utility substation applications, the 6K32FC supports double the number of standard fiber ports and double the number of gigabit ports as the Magnum 6K32TRC switch. A typical application may include fiber connectivity to IEDs, RTUs, HMI computers, routers, video-surveillance cameras, smaller field switches, and other managed switches including multiple gigabit-backbone interconnections and redundancy.

The environmentally friendly 6K32FC uses techniques such as internal heat barriers, multiple heatsinks throughout the unit, extra cooling space and premium high-efficiency components to optimize cooling efficiency. The switch comes with comprehensive LAN software support and network management security, and is available in two versions: MNS-6K basic and MNS-6K-SECURE. The four configuration slots in the Magnum 6K32FC support more than 30 port modules, offering a comprehensive variety of port types and combinations, including Power over Ethernet.
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PCS Active Harmonic Filter

Schneider Electric's newest model of the Square D AccuSine PCS Active Harmonic Filter (AHF) provides an effective means to mitigate harmonics, reduce process-related voltage fluctuations, and improve electrical equipment operating life and distribution system capacity.

The new model includes the Telemecanique Magelis XBT-G 3.8-inch (9.7-cm) graphical touch-screen terminal, a small and compact HMI terminal that is powerful enough to support high-end HMI applications to cater to customer needs. The compact, yet highly visible 320- by 240-pixel Magelis XBT-GT touch screen supports multiple languages and font sizes. It integrates Ethernet; can be connected on Uni-Telway/Modbus, Modbus TCP/IP; and includes an alarm function with fault logging for better traceability.
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Low-Profile Digital Load/Force Sensors

Loadstar Sensors Inc.'s iLoad Pro Series digital load/force sensors are available in capacities ranging from 10 lbs to 25,000 lbs (4.5 kgs to 11,340 kgs) to measure compressive and tensile loads at accuracies up to 0.05% of full scale.

iLoad Pro sensors offer ease of use with digital USB or analog 0- to 5-Vdc output without the need for additional signal conditioning. The iLoad Pro Series sensors are designed for use in heavy-duty or industrial environments, and have a rugged female-threaded mounting structure for easy attachment and improved cable-strain relief.

The iLoad Pro Digital USB sensors are designed to plug directly into the USB port of a PC, and enable users to measure loads, forces or weights without need for any additional signal conditioning, data acquisition system or special software. The sensor appears as a virtual COM port on a PC enabling a user to directly read data using simple ASCII commands with any terminal emulator such as HyperTerminal. Users can also easily write their own Windows applications with the open command set that comes standard with all digital load sensors.
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Preservative Formulation for Wood Poles

Osmose Utilities Services Inc. has developed a preservative system for in-service poles that promises to set new standards of performance. MP400-EXT is a new and unique blending of inorganic and organic compounds that are highly active at extremely low concentrations. MP400-EXT is designed to provide improved preservative protection, while also reducing both toxicity and pesticide quantities in the formulation. Several years of research resulted in Osmose's combination of four active ingredients, producing near-zero volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and eliminating dependence on oil-based ingredients.

The MP400-EXT formulation includes Osmose's proprietary combination of tebuconazole and bifenthrin, which demonstrated robust protection against fungi and termites in five-year field stake tests. A micronized version of oxine copper was developed and added to protect against strength-robbing surface decay in older poles.
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Spacer Cable Systems

Hendrix Spacer Cable is ideal for areas with tree coverage or abundant wildlife and provides an environmentally friendly alternative to overhead or underground distribution circuits.

The conductors are designed with a covering that limits the electrical charge on the outside of the cable, cutting down on the potentially lethal electrical charges and protecting wildlife (like raptors or other large birds) that may come into contact with phase conductors and ground points. With a conductor covering that can withstand temporary contact with tree branches and other vegetation, Spacer Cable systems reduce the amount of foliage that must be removed to accommodate conventional bare wire circuits by 50% to 80%.
Hendrix Wire & Cable

EMS for AMI and Demand

Tendril has released the beta version of the Tendril Energy Management System (EMS), an open, standards-based software and hardware system that enables an important dialogue between consumers and their energy providers, allowing them to manage the consumption and supply of energy in smarter, more efficient ways.

The Tendril EMS is a turnkey system that enables utilities and energy providers to implement robust demand-response systems, direct load control and consumer communication in their service areas. Tendril's EMS is compatible with all ZigBee Smart Energy-certified hardware products, and is also compatible with most enterprise-class open, standards-based integration methods.
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Remote Underground Fault Detection

CURRENT's advanced distribution current sensing and remote underground fault detection system can accurately detect the location of URD cable faults. The CURRENT Smart Grid solution makes continuous detailed measurements of voltages and currents using sensors throughout the distribution system. Distributed intelligence within the sensor systems identifies measurements that may indicate system problems, triggering the messaging of these measurements through CURRENT's low-latency, high-bandwidth communications network. CURRENT Smart Grid software performs advanced analyses on these measurements to identify operational problems and overloads, and to predict imminent distribution system component failures. Alerts are sent automatically to the appropriate person in the utility, or crews can be automatically dispatched.

In-Home Energy Display

Cellnet+Hunt's ecoMeter — a consumer monitor that installs easily anywhere in the home and displays electric, water and gas usage, along with dynamic pricing alerts — is being commercialized for sale in North America. Developed by Ampy Metering, it is being readied for deployment at several utilities in the United States. Ampy Metering and Cellnet+Hunt are sister companies owned by the Bayard Group.

The ecoMeter display engages consumers by showing real-time and historical electricity consumption, greenhouse gas emission information, and tariff lights for “off peak,” “shoulder” and “dynamic peak” pricing periods. Real-time pricing information allows consumers to adjust their usage to save costs during peak demand periods. The ecoMeter can receive usage information from any electric meter and pricing information from the utility. It is also configured to interface with pulse and flow meters to display consumption of gas and water. A soon-to-be-released ZigBee interface will allow communication directly with advanced metering systems.
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Low-Profile PFC Module

Emerson Network Power's 720-W power factor correction (PFC) module has a 2.4-inch by 3.5-inch (6.1-cm by 8.9-cm) footprint and a mounting height of 0.55 inches (1.4 cm), making it ideal for space-constrained applications. The new AIT02ZPFC module features a universal input that accepts any voltage in the range of 85 Vac to 264 Vac at any frequency from 47 Hz to 63 Hz and from 360 Hz to 800 Hz.

The AIT02ZPFC module presents a near-unity power factor to the incoming power line, and generates a typical output of 393 Vdc, which is intended for feeding to one or more high-voltage dc-dc converters for further down-conversion to the low voltages required by the application. Emerson Network Power produces several compatible high-voltage half-brick and full-brick dc-dc converters, with outputs ranging from 1.8 Vdc to 48 Vdc. This fully modular approach enables users to build complete high-performance, low-profile ac-dc power supplies with minimal non-recurring engineering costs and fast turnaround.

When fed with a 230-Vac input, the AIT02ZPFC module has a typical power-conversion efficiency of 93%; it can deliver up to 1.83 A at 393 Vdc and achieves a power density in excess of 155 W/cu inch. The module uses active PFC to minimize input harmonic current distortion and ensure compliance with the RTCA/DO-160D avionics standard at 115 Vac at full load, and EN61000-3-2.
Emerson Network Power

Thermal Imagers

Fluke Corp.'s TiR1 and TiR Thermal Imagers incorporate IR Fusion, a patent-pending technology that integrates infrared and visual (visible light) images in full-screen or picture-in-picture views for enhanced problem detection and analysis. IR-Fusion helps users recognize image details and better identify problem areas by quickly scrolling through the different viewing modes.

Fluke SmartView software (with free software upgrades for the life of the product) is included with each thermal imager. A modular suite of tools for viewing, annotating, editing and analyzing infrared images, SmartView software fully supports Fluke IR Fusion technology, enabling users to edit images in five viewing modes and generate customizable, professional-looking reports in a few steps.

The imagers include a 2-GB SD memory card that will store at least 3000 basic infrared images (.bmp file format) or 1200 fully radiometric (.is2 IR Fusion file format) infrared and linked visual images, each with 60 seconds of voice annotation (TiR1 only), as well as an SD card reader for downloading images to a computer.
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Short-Mast Configuration on Model 1100 CM Drill

Watson Inc.'s Model 1100 CM with the Short Mast uses a “dry” telescoping kelly and can achieve drill depths to approximately 30 ft (9.1 m). In the drilling position, the mast height is 23 ft 4 in (7.1 m) and can work safely under power lines or other low headroom applications. Typical hole diameters are 24 inches to 48 inches (60 cm to 122 cm). The crawler-based drill unit weighs 30,400 lbs (13,818 kgs). The power unit is a John Deere 140-hp diesel.

The Model 1100 is also available mounted on a truck. Both the crawler and truck versions allow exceptional versatility in working in a wide range of low-headroom conditions.
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