Fuse Tool

Line crews can quickly and safely remove and install most cutout-type overhead fuse links found in overhead distribution systems with the FT-1 Fuse Tool from HD Electric Co. The tool has a 7-inch fuse receiver that provides increased safety and greater control by keeping the fuse link securely in place during removal and installation. The built-in switch hook is then used to close in the fuse link.

HD Electric | www.HDElectricCompany.com/fusetool.htm

Online Tool Training

Wright Tool recently launched a new online training program, Wright Tool University, for tool users. Students must register to attend the university, enroll in classes and obtain a certain score to pass the classes. Users can search for classes they would like to take or are required to take in the course catalog. Linemen can access the university and register for the program on Wright Tool's Web site at www.wrighttool.com. After registering, they can select from classes such as Corporate; Impact Sockets; Ratchets, Hand Sockets, and Attachments; and Wrenches. New courses and information will be added to the university annually. Each student learns about how the tool is used, how to tell when a tool is worn and should no longer be used, safety information for the specific tool, the manufacturing process and background information on Wright Tool Co. At the end of each module, the student must pass a quiz to successfully complete the course.

Wright Tool Co. | www.wrighttool.com

Pulling Grips

Kevlar's Pulling Grips allow linemen to pull or suspend electric or fiber-optic cable in overhead or underground operations. The product is the latest addition to the wire-mesh pulling grip line from Lewis Manufacturing Co. The grips are made of plastic-coated Kevlar fibers, so they are lighter weight and stronger than steel grips. The grips don't have the metallic fraying like traditional grips and eliminate the chance of being injured from metallic strands that have been abraded. Kevlar grips also can be used when a metallic grip is unsuitable, such as when pulling into an energized environment. These grips are available in a wide range of sizes from ¼-inch all the way to 8 inches in ¼-inch and ½-inch increments. The grips are non-conductive, easy to load and remove and don't cause any wire cuts or contusions.

Lewis Manufacturing Co. | www.lewismfg.com

Mulcher Tools

Fecon now offers four tooling options for the Bull Hog Mulchers. These tooling options further efficiency and versatility in brush-cutting applications. The additional tooling options allow the operator to tailor cut to each application for maximized performance and longer tool life. The tooling choices for Bull Hogs Mulchers include Fecon's Double Carbide, Stone Tool, Single Carbide and Chipper Tool.

Fecon's Double Carbide tool offers versatility in brush cutting. The Stone Tool provides ultimate durability and suitable for the most challenging environments when a great deal of ground engagement is desired. The Single Carbide is designed for working with hard wood species like Osage Orange or Mesquite. The Single Carbide can be intermixed with Double Carbide to deal with ever changing material. The Chipper Tool is the fastest cutting tool and leaves a finer, more uniform mulch product.

Fecon | www.fecon.com

Rescue and Retrieval System

The Pelsue LifeGuard Rescue and Retrieval system is a 5000-lb anchor point and a manhole barricade in a single unit. The product is lightweight and more easily deployed or stored than a traditional tripod. The system is man-rated based on a proof-load of 5000 lbs, and weighs less than 75 lbs.

This lightweight system has two components. The upper assembly includes two anchor points affording a 5000-lb proof-load for the LG5. The LGL system is man-rated based on an 1800-lb proof-load. It has two anchor points, which meet ANSI and OSHA standards for a fall-arrest anchor when used by a competent person. Both units will accommodate industry-standard winches, such as the Pelsue man-rated rescue and retrieval winches and self-retracting-lifeline devices.

Pelsue | www.pelsue.com