The TEGAM Model 110A Safety Voltmeter is a single-switch, single-range digital voltmeter that automatically measures AC and DC volts to 1000 V for voltage troubleshooting, line clearing, lock-out/tag-out procedures and anywhere hazardous voltages may be present. The 110A has a 1-MΩ current-limiting resistor in each lead to protect the user against arc-flash potential. Model 110A maintains a C-UL-US approval and meets CAT III 1000-V overvoltage protection under IEC-61010-1.

TEGAM Inc. | www.tegam.com

Power Restoration Unit

Hipotronics Power Temp Thirty (PT-30) is the first 30-kVA secondary power restoration unit introduced to the market. The PT-30 is designed to temporarily restore underground secondary service when one conductor has failed or been damaged and two conductors are operational. Oversized tires and a large hand cart allow for easy maneuverability across uneven surfaces. With a built-in 150-A breaker, voltage indicator lights and handheld meter outputs, the PT-30 ensures that power is restored quickly and safely.

Hipotronics | www.hipotronics.com

500-kV Proximity Voltage Detector

HD Electric Co.'s PRX-500 proximity voltage detector is a new addition to the company's voltage detector product line. With nine selectable voltage ranges from 120 V up to 500 kV, the PRX proximity voltage detector features an easy-to-use electronic touch pad with large buttons. The PRX provides an audible and visual indication of voltage detected from elbow test points up to the highest transmission voltages. The rechargeable internal battery can be quickly charged from a user's truck or a wall outlet.

HD Electric Co.

Connector Repair and Uprate

CCI announces the addition of “CSS” ClampStar units for deadend and suspension clamp applications. Made with a single rail, the new version installs in minutes, similar to the traditional ClampStar splice installation.

The CSS single-rail units fully restore electrical integrity, completely eliminating any current/temperature restrictions on the connectors they protect. Installed easily on energized lines, ClampStar is an economical means to repair failing connectors or uprate existing lines to higher ampacity by eliminating concerns over connector integrity — the “weak link” in thermal uprate projects.

With the exclusive ClampStar safety tether, mechanical integrity can be restored on aged deadends or suspension clamps where a high percentage of conductor stranding has broken because of vibration and fatigue.

North American Classic Connectors Inc.

Two-Pole Horizontal Switch Structures

LWS has developed a two-pole horizontal switch structure package that includes a steel switch platform that can accommodate horizontal gang-operated switches. This new design was developed with the help of representatives and their associated utilities in the northeast United States. Their switch manufacturer preferred not to design or supply the mounting platform, just the switches. Consequently, LWS engineers were able to design a complete structure that can be used in tangent, angle, guyed, unguyed or deadend applications. This structure design includes an easy-to-assemble tubular frame with deadend capabilities.

Laminated Wood Systems | www.lwsinc.com

Foam Duct Sealant

Polywater FST-250 sealant is a two-part high-expansion “closed cell” foam that is said to be superior to duct putty and aerosol canned foam. Unlike putties and canned foams, high-performance FST foam seals out gases, holds up to 15 ft of water head pressure, and will not dry out or sag over time. Aerosol canned foams are typically “open-cell” foams that take up volume designed for insulation but can't hold back water head pressure. Polywater FST-250 keeps water, sewer gases and critters out of vaults, manholes, converter boxes, light boxes and switchgear by effectively sealing conduit entrances. FST is also effective for sealing the tops of riser poles to keep out squirrels. The FST-250 kit contains enough material to seal up to five 2-inch ducts.

American Polywater Corp. | www.polywater.com


Belden announces a series of enhancements to its Belden Infinity C-TC+ and FCC Cables. With the addition of Belden high-performance Belflex jackets, these cables offer flexing capabilities, resistance to sunlight, oil and abrasion, and the ability to withstand temperature ranges of -40°C to +90°C (cold impact) and -50°C to +90°C (cold bend). Continuous Flex Belden Infinity C-TC+ and FCC Cables are UL approved for direct burial, suitable for Class I and II Division 2 installation in hazardous locations, meet the requirements of NFPA 79 for industrial machinery, and are CE and RoHS compliant.

Belden Infinity C-TC+ Cables are suitable for extreme flexing applications in severe environments. The cable's unique conductor design eliminates torque and makes the cable less susceptible to fatigue.

Belden | www.belden.com

Vegetation Management

CN Utility Consulting has published a nearly 500-page volume of data, analysis and professional commentary relating to the utility vegetation management programs of more than 65 North American utilities. The volume was developed from a series of benchmark surveys conducted over the past decade and is available to all participating utility companies. To find out if your company is a participant, obtain additional copies or participate in the 2011 study, contact CNUC at benchmark@cnutility.com or (707) 829-1018.

CN Utility Consulting | www.cnutility.com

Tools Catalog

The Chance Tools Catalog has been revised and reprinted in softback handbook size (5¼ inches by 7½ inches). The 368-page catalog contains 18 sections of hot line tools, grounding equipment, load-handling equipment and truck accessories. This issue introduces a section on the all-new line of Chance rubber insulating gloves. Complete with numerical and alphabetical indices, and page edges tabbed for easy reference, it also features a section on Hipotronics test equipment for the first time. It continues to include a section on Anderson/Fargo connector tools with current updates.

For a free copy, e-mail hpsliterature@hps.hubbell.com.

Hubbell Inc. | www.hubbellpowersystems.com

Portable Hydraulic Power Unit

Greenlee Utility offers linemen a new F13 portable hydraulic power unit. The F13 is a 13-hp (9.7-kW) gas-powered hydraulic power unit with adjustable 5-gpm to 8-gpm hydraulic oil flow. The new unit, with its quick-release telescoping handles, also offers greater versatility when working in small outdoor spaces, along with easier handling and work vehicle loading and unloading.

Greenlee | www.greenlee.com

Oil-Only Valve Wrap

New Pig Corp. introduces the PIG Oil-Only Absorbent Valve Wrap to soak up drips and leaks in valves, flanges and other oddly shaped pipe components.

The product features polyethylene drawstrings on each end that hold it in place. Two sheets of highly absorbent PIG Mat absorb and retain oils and oil-based liquids while the wrap's clear poly-backing helps prevent absorbed liquids from leaking through. The wrap is UV-resistant up to one year.

Suitable for avoiding incidental, unscheduled downtime until a leak can be properly fixed, the wrap is available in two sizes: 20 inches by 32 inches and 8 inches by 24 inches. The wrap's white color makes absorbed oil easier to see, allowing inspection from a distance.

New Pig Corp. | www.newpig.com

Transformer Monitor

The Qualitrol 505ITM is a flexible, fully integrated transformer monitor that can accurately track and control all standard transformer parameters — cooling system health, oil temperature, liquid level and load current — and features a TransLife dashboard, the new “report card” for transformers.

The TransLife dashboard has three main components:

  • Critical forecast determines the time remaining until a critical temperature is reached based on current conditions.

  • Consumed life acts as an odometer for your transformer, determining your transformer's loss of life, the rate of this loss of life and the time in operation.

  • Temperature profiler logs the duration that the transformer experiences each temperature range. This provides for quick assessment of the risk of catastrophic failure due to time spent at dangerous temperatures.

Qualitrol supports thousands of TransLife dashboard configurations, giving customers the flexibility to specify the exact functions that are critical to their transformer monitoring. By integrating so much into a single device, utility customers can simplify their asset-protection procedures and more effectively use their transformer assets.

Qualitrol Co. | www.qualitrolcorp.com