The 132-kV transmission line was built in 1974, connecting the town of Port Lincoln and surrounding rural areas in South Australia to the main system at Whyalla. The basic construction of the single-circuit 132-kV line comprises lattice steel-tower supports with two crossarms on one side and one on the other. The Lychee conductors had been damaged about 3 m (9.8 ft) from the tower supports by the movement of the "loose" vibration dampers. During line maintenance in 1995, the damaged sections of the conductor were covered by repair sleeves. However, because of corrosion, the long-term integrity of the conductor was a major concern. To replace the damaged sections, ElectraNet concluded it would be necessary to replace the damaged conductors with new 10-m (32.8-ft) sections on each side of the attachment points on the suspension and tension structures. ElectraNet invited open tenders for the replacement of 82 sections of conductor on this circuit, and TransGrid was awarded the contract.