OMICRON's RelayLabTest software enables users to assess the overall performance of protection devices under realistic operating conditions. Test signals are calculated on the basis of a network simulation and directly output on OMICRON's CMC devices. RelayLabTest requires no special simulation or programming skills. It complies with the requirements for simulation tests according to the future standard IEC 60255-121 for distance protection devices.

The setting up and execution of comprehensive tests is convenient as RelayLabTest offers unique modeling and test automation functions. The grid editor allows to model complex power networks within minutes. Any network or fault parameter can be varied automatically, thus making the software ideal for manufacturers' type testing or acceptance testing undertaken within utilities.

RelayLabTest enables the user to define extensive test sequences in order to simulate complex fault scenarios such as cross-country and evolving faults. These sequences may include multiple fault incidents and breaker operations in response to the relay commands. This not only allows simulating sophisticated auto-reclosure cycles but also offers the possibility to perform iterative closed-loop tests of one or more protection relays.

Automated assessment functions facilitate the quick evaluation of individual test shots and the overall test results. Statistical analyses such as SIR diagrams and trip time histograms provide in-depth insights on the results. Two kinds of general graphical representations with various customization options are available. All test results and statistical data can be easily exported to external applications.

The integration of simulation, testing and analysis enables relay manufacturers to perform comprehensive type testing faster and easier than ever before. Utilities benefit from the ability to analyze the behavior of protective equipment in individual grid configurations.